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YES batteries have a finite shelf life as well as a finite service life be sure that the born-on date is within the last 12 months or so and try charging the battery before using if it doesn't hold a charge it is bad.

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Q: Is it possible to buy a new car battery that is bad?
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Can a bad battery in your car make it smell like vinegar?

Yes, that is possible.

When your car doesnt crank what could it possible be?

It could be a dead battery, loose/dirty battery connections or a bad starter.

Is it possible for testing to show that your car battery is fine but it not be?

That is possible, but highly unlikely. -There are many other issues that can seem like a bad battery in a neglected car. The terminals may be dirty, there may be a bad ground, the alternator or voltage regulator can be faulty - etc, etc,

2003 Pontiac vibe battery light flickers what can cause this?

It is possible you have a bad alternator, or a bad connection at the battery. You can take the car by your local auto parts store and have the altornator checked.

You changed your alternator and battery Starter was bad you believe but tested good Now car won't crank as if the battery is not strong enough What could be the problem?

Bad connectins at battery? Clean connections. Possible loose battery cables on starter or engine block? Clean and tighten cables. If no help, possible bad battery cable/cables. Test cables and replace as necessary. Depending on what type of car, also investigate starter cylinoid. Hope that helps.

Can I buy a car battery online?

Yes, you can definitely buy a car battery online. There are many dealership websites that you can visit online to purchase a car battery and there are many auto stores that you can go online to purchase a car battery.

Is the car battery bad?


How do you check if my alternator is bad or my batter is bad in my car?

If the car won't start, jump it off. While it is running, remove the positive cable from the battery. If the car dies, then your alternator is bad. If it keeps running then you may have a bad battery.

Will a bad cell cause the car not to start?

Yes, one bad cell in a car battery will cause the car not to start.

What causes headlights on a car to dim?

Could be a few things, weak alternator, bad battery, bad wiring. If you have a subwoofer in your car with no battery cap that will certainly do it.

How do you know when alternator is bad?

Typically you know your alternator is out when you have to jump start your car numerous times. A way you can test it is by turning on your car and while it's running discount the + terminal. If the car turns off then your alternator is bad. If the car remains in then alternator is good and possible bad battery. Hope this helps

What are the reasons for the car battery light to go on?

its either the alternator the battery is bad or a loose or bad wire on the starter

Can a car battery have enough charge to turn the car electrics on but not start the car?

Yes, A car battery can have enough charge to turn on car electrical components but not start the car. This is not much of an indication of a bad battery however. Use a volt meter to test the power in the battery. If the battery seems low put it on a trickle charge. Most modern chargers will tell you if your battery is bad or not. The battery also has to be load tested to determine if it's good or not.

Is it possible for the battery in a car to freeze in cold weather?

no, its not possible. Actually it is possible for the battery to freeze, if the charge gets low enough it will freeze.

Who want buy my car battery?


Trying to start the car with the bad battery before starting the car with the good battery can help avoid which problem?

you can avoid draining the good battery

Where can you get a battery for a car?

U can buy a car battery pree much every car place...such as Canadian tire, and even wal-mart...

When you try to turn the car on it goes tick tick and doesn't start?

Turn on any light in the car, if the light gets very dim or goes out you have a bad (or discharged) battery. Its remotely possible that the terminal connections on the battery are corroded or dirty.

What will bad alternator do to a cars battery and lights?

A bad alternator will have the effect of draining the battery, resulting in dim lights, trouble starting the car and the like. It would be best to replace the alternator as soon as possible and possibly obtain a new battery. This may vary depending on how much the bad alternator has drained it. You can get your alternator and battery checked any time at Auto Zone.

What is the average cost for a car battery?

The price you will pay for a car battery, will depend on what type of battery you want. you can buy a no name battery, or you can go with a brand name battery. Which would cost you more

Can a bad battery cause your car to run bad?

well yeah absolutely

Can you wire a stereo to a car battery?

yes, it is possible

Where is it possible to buy a sunshade for a car?

It is possible to buy a sunshade for a car at your local car dealership, who will have custom sunshades for cars. You can also buy one online from websites like Amazon.

Why your car got no battery power?

bad ground

Can car battery chargers go bad?