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Yes. They make Juicy Couture outfits for cats. At your local pet store, you can also get Santa outfits and other costumes.

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How do you spoil your cat?

Give your cat alot of patts. And give your cat treats like all the time. And buy it clothes.

If a cat is lonely do you know which kind of cat is good with other cats?

If cat is lonely it is best to buy another cat from the same litter if possible. If not buy one of the similar age and opposite gender.

Why does your cat use your clothes as a pillow?

Your smell is on the clothes and is familiar to the cat.

Where can you buy cats clothes online?

Michi P Petite Pet Couture offers chic and unique dog clothes and cat clothes. They hand pick all their dog and cat products for quality, price, functionality and style. They also keep an eye out for the latest in designer dog clothes and accessories.

Where does cat from victorious get her clothes?

she makes her own clothes

How can you keep cat hair off your clothes?

As long as you have a cat that sheds, you will have cat hair on your clothes. Give up, go get a good lint roller with a lot of refills, and accept that you are GOING to get cat hair on your clothes. I find myself picking out clothes by how well cat hair will blend in. Sorry, but it seems to be part of the price for owning a cat!

Can flea shampoo cause your cat's death?

it is possible unless you buy a cat shampoo then everything will be good

Is it even possible to get membership clothes and hair on fantage with no ecoins?

Become a member. You can then buy those things with stars.

How do you buy your clothes on stardoll?

You cannot buy your own clothes unless you are a superstar.

Where do they get Sonny's clothes?

A shop where you buy clothes.

How do you buy clothes on sorority life?

You would have to earn or buy enough brownie points in order to buy clothes.

How do you get to a place on moshi monsters to buy clothes?

You can buy clothes from the Marketplace on Sludge Street,

Which shop does Beyonce buy her clothes from?

She doesn't buy her own clothes. Her mother, Tina Knowles, makes her clothes for her. Also, she has her own clothes line, Dereon.

Where can you buy cheap 18 inch doll clothes?

You can buy them at FashionTIY. They have a lot of clothes of this type.

Where do you get clothes?

I often buy clothes at FashionTIY, they can provide a lot of styles of clothes, and the quality of the clothes is good, it is my most frequent platform for buying clothes.

Is it possible to have cat eyes?

If you're a cat.

Why won't my Sims buy clothes?

you probably dont have any clothes stores OR ur not clicking on the rack and selecting buy clothes

Where does Beyonce buy her clothes?

Her mom makes her clothes.

How do you get a cat on RuneScape?

You get a cat from the quest "Gertrude's Cat" and you can buy a cat after you complete it.

Can rat wear clothes and if so where can you buy them?

Yes they can! I buy clothes for my ratties at Mischeif Boutique.

Where can you buy Willow Smith clothes?

you can buy willowsmith clothes from hollywood send from terri anderson

Where can you buy clothes men's Ralph Lauren clothes?

There are many places where one can buy men's Ralph Lauren clothes. One can buy men's Ralph Lauren clothes at popular on the web sources such as Macy's and Nordstrom.

What is cat mean?

cat is a animal you can buy .

Why is your cat peeing on your clothes?

a cat pees on your clothes for no reason No that is not true, most of the time they do have a reason. They are insecure and/or upset at you for some reason, so they express themselves. It is up to you to figure out what your cat is doing and why, then how to fix it.

Can you wash your clothes on the sims3 ambitions?

yes, you can buy a washing machine to wash your clothes, and you can either buy a dryer or a clothes line to dry them.

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