Juicy Couture

Founded in 1997, Juicy Couture is a California based contemporary fashion brand. Originally started by two friends, the company was later purchased by Liz Claiborne.

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Juicy Couture

Who was Marty's sidekick at the triple r ranch?

Spin was the sidekick. Wasn't the show called Spin & Marty? There was also a kid named Moochie.

Juicy Couture

How do you work the juicy couture wireless mouse?

You have to press the button on the bottom of the mouse and then press the button on the USB drive within ten seconds. That should make it work.

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Juicy Couture

In the UK debut weekend how many PS3s were sold?


Juicy Couture

Where is juicy couture store in NJ?


One Garden State Plaza

Paramus , NJ 07652

(201) 368-0263

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Juicy Couture

Religious symbols for Buddhism?

There are many different symbols in Buddhism, but there isn't one in particular that signifies all Buddhism, like the cross is a symbol of Christianity. The lotus flower, the wheel of Dharma, the dorje (lighting bolt) and the mandala are a few symbols used in Buddhism to help people remember the underlying principles. The swastika is a symbol used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Bon, the animistic belief system that predated Buddhism in Tibet. "Swastik" in Sanskrit means "health", and the swastika - either right-turning or left-turning - is often used as a symbol of luck, merit or good health.

Juicy Couture

Which sidekick should you get a sidekick ID sidekick 3 or sidekick 2 juicy couture?

== == well the sidekick id has no camara so how r u gonna take pics but its cute the sidekick 3 is a really nice phone but im a girl so i would want the sidekick 2 juicy couture but im gonna have to see SIDEKICK 3 SO YEAH HOPE I HELPED BYE LOL

Juicy Couture

Is the Juicy Couture fragrance better than the Justice fragrance?

No, they both are great for my opinion.

Juicy Couture

Where can you find juicy couture eyeglasses?

you can actually buy Juicy eyeglasses you can buy them at eBay or any place that sells eyeglasses (only some of them)

Juicy Couture

How much is a juicy couture jacket?

It typically costs $500 and above.

Juicy Couture

What person designed juicy couture?

Its founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

Juicy Couture

Where is juicy couture store in Vancouver?

Oakridge Mall:

Plush- they have wallets, socks, earrings, tracksuits, jeans, bags, wallets


Blue Ruby-Jewellery and sometimes bags\

Below the Belt-Bags, socks, jewellery, tracksuits, jeans, ect.

As for make up:

Sephora and sometimes Winners...has things

Perfumes can be found at The Bay, London Drugs, Shopper Drug Marts

i got it from some website i do not own this

Juicy Couture

Does kohl's sell juicy couture?

I have yet to see Juicy Couture's line of clothing and accessories available at Kohl's; however, you can purchase the Juicy Couture fragrances. Such as Viva La Juicy, and the classic fragrance.

Juicy Couture

How do you tell if juicy couture purse is a fake?

Well to tell if a juicy couture purse is REAL the ID digit should have 9 id numbers also I collect juicy purses and if it was made after 2005 the zipper should have a heart with a "J" in the middle. It wil also have real leather. If it is fake it will have rough coarse leather.

..... I on the other hand know mine is not fake it has the id number on the tag and also says made of 100% cowhide leather but i know its made before 2005, the colour is worn a bit, would it still be worth anything?

Juicy Couture

What is the dog breed of the juicy couture dog?

The breed of the trademark Juicy Couture dog is a Scottish Terrier or a West Highland Terrier. If it's black it's a Scottish Terrier, if it's white it's a West Highland Terrier.

Juicy Couture

What size are the pave crystals in the juicy couture pave heart crystal earrings?

I'm not sure I was wondering that there nice earrings aren't they cost £52 I like the gold one's with the charms. They be a bit big just over 1 cm I guess. People will see them if there with big hoop earrings. The gold one's are nice.

Juicy Couture

To work at Juicy Couture do you have to wear their clothes?

You have to be at least 18. If you are, retail experience would help. Answer B: since the above person didnt really answer your question i will no you dont but they like you to have a few juicy things and i imagin you getting the discount will make them affordable.

Juicy Couture

Where in fl are the Juicy Couture stores?

There are ones in: Aventura, Boca, Coral Gables, Jacksonvile, West Palm Beach, Sawgrass and Orlando. :) hope it helpssss! you can find exact location on & click "stores"

Juicy Couture

Who invented juicy couture products?

G and P G and P

Juicy Couture

How can you tell if a juicy couture charm is fake?

I don't think they sell fake one's the real one's come in juicy couture boxes and when you look at what kind of one's there are you will know what the real one's look like. Juicy couture charms they have like a little stamp which looks like a crown on the jewellery the one the charm is hooked onto. They cost from £40- £60 each there's loads online. There usually the same one's in every shop or internet website.

Juicy Couture

Where can you find real Juicy Couture tracksuits for a reasonable price?

I found some GREAT authentic Juicy Couture tracksuits on You should check it out! Costco also has some Juicy Couture deals every once in a while.

Juicy Couture

What store sells juicy couture for cheap?

I don't know what store, but there's bound to be somewhere selling it on the internet.

Juicy Couture

Where can you buy juicy couture in Bangkok?

In central chidlom

Los Angeles
Juicy Couture

Is there a Juicy Couture retail store in the Los Angeles area?

Yes They just opened one in the Westfield Shopping center in Century City, California which is located on Santa Monica Blvd. in the Los Angeles area.


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