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Sure it is possible. It will also be very expensive and require lots of modifications. It is much easier to go from manual to A/T. I would advice against it. Trade cars if you want a manual.

It's possible, but if you really want to do it, I would suggest just getting the 2JZG(T)E motor. It'll cost you about $10k in parts and labor, but it's well worth it. A LOT of potential, 330 HP off the top.

yes it is possible but you will loose your traction control and it will be costly if your going with all new parts like center console, clutch pedal, and transmission, pressure plate, and clutch. I'm not sure if the drive shaft would be shorter or longer or even needs to be change though, but if i was having to replace my auto trans cause of problems then i would go with a manual at that time but i don't think its worth the money for just pleasure

is it possible to bolt up another Toyota tranny? with an adapter plate? like a supra trans? or another w58 that can bolt up? and what about the sc400? what manual will bolt up to those motors?

Swapping an sc300 to a manual w58 transmission is not nearly as difficult or expensive as previously listed. All the parts needed to do the swap can be had for under $1,000 if you look in the right places, such as Craigslist and clublexus. As far as installing it, if your not mechanicly inclined, you will need a shop to do it for you, which will jack up the price.

Bro just get a 5speed OEM Lexus they made those just hard to find found a couple for just about $6,000

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Q: Is it possible to convert a Lexus SC300 to a manual transmission?
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