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Yes, you can go to shops or on the internet and buy a CD which lets you make and play games.


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For users of your home computer, create separate accounts for each user, and have the ________________ create their passwords. a. Administratorb. Userc. System Administratord. Computer Owner

Cables such as Ethernet, wireless media, and networking hardware is used to connect computer networks to create the internet. A home computer would need LAN or LAN connections, and the ICP or internet connection provider helps to make the complete network possible.

At home on a video game console or computer game

You can purchase an entertainment center for your computer that is similar to the ones for TVs and it will help create storage space for your home office.

yeah : ask him to bring his computer at your home. Plug his computer on your router and create a server in lan. You'll be able to play in Local Areat Network. That's the only way

Microsoft do not create computer, or computer components. They do create some peripheral accessories and a H.E.S. (Home Entertainment System). But overall Microsoft spend most of their time creating and updating software.

One can download a free solitaire game for playing on a home computer from 'Game Top'. One can also download spider solitaire and pyramid solitaire from them.

A web server is software installed on a computer that allows other computers to access specific files on that computer/server. There are many reasons to create your own home servers. For example: file sharing, so you can download files from your home computer from anywhere or you can create a web site on own server etc.

One can have a custom computer built right at home. If one has the expertise and the knowledge of electronics, it is possible to build one's own custom computer.

Scratches was a computer game released in 2006. It's classified as a mystery/horror adventure that follows the story of a curious writer in a haunted home.

To switch your iTunes onto a different computer you need to do home sharing and this is possible as long as you have an internet connection.

There are many resources that offer information on making video games from home. The best way to make a video game at home is to have a powerful computer for game developing.

A small computer desk can be used to create a functional work area either at home or at a work place. It helps one create more room and have a more organised work place.

A computer used at home.

If you have the sims 2 original game first, yes!

You might mean Playstation Home and the Blueprint Home available as a Living Space for the Avatars you create. But the Playstation Home while online is not an online game and is a Playstation Network (PSN) system exclusive to the PS3 console and with online connection and membership in the PSN

To play a Windows 97 game on a Home Premium 64 bit computer, the game must be run on compatibility mode. Once the game is installed, right click on the game and select properties. Under properties, choose compatibility and select either Windows XP or Windows 98.

As administrator, you can create unique 'user accounts'.

A local computer is the machine you are currently logged into, a remote computer is a computer you are accessing from your local computer. So, if I connect to my home computer from work, my home computer is the remote computer, and my work computer is the local. Conversely, if I connect to my work computer from home, my work computer is the remote computer, and my home computer is the local.

watch tv play on the computer and play a board game

Yes, you can attach a camera to the computer which will serve as a webcam for you to view away from home or other areas of the house.

Steve Jobbs invented the home computer.

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