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Anything is possible. A baby kicking/moving feels an awful lot like gas (really) so if you suspect your pregnant but the tests are coming back negative, I would recommend that you see a doctor or midwife for a blood test and possibly for an ultrasound. Stranger things have happened so while it's unlikely, sure, it could happen. You will not feel any kicking or movement until you are about 5 or six months pregnant. If you are getting negative pregnancy tests but think you are definitely pregnant, or it's been five or six months since your last period, go to the doctor. If your not producing enough hcg to detect in an hpt, there could be a problem. Check it out just to be safe.

The earliest I have ever felt movement (after three pregnancies) has been when I was three months along, usually for the first time moms it is much later.. the baby in the beginning stages is just to small to feel it movements, so unless you are three months late for your period accept that what you're feeling is not a baby moving and it is more than likely gas.


i have had similar problems with movement in my tummy however i have got abdo swelling and even look about 5 month pregnant, i have carried out a number of pregnancy tests which come back negative however i look and feel pregnant, I am a little bit worried that I could be pregnant, even if the over the counter pregnancy test shows that I'm not. I am in my 40ies and have had irregular periods for the past year or so. Haven't had my period for close to 4 months now and haven't thought much about it, until I started to feel "movement" in my lower stomach area a few days ago. Not just once but regularly. Little "butterfly" movements as if it were the first movements of a baby. I have given birth to 2 children, (youngest is 22) so I recognize the feeling. First I thought it just might be air bubbles but it doesn't really feel like it. Counting back to when I was sexually active last time, it would mean that I would be about 16 weeks pregnant, (haven't had my period after that "encounter") that is if I am pregnant... Is it possible that I could be pregnant even if the urine test I took yesterday came up negative? Can't say that I've planned to "start over" again or that I'm bouncing up and down with joy over the thought of being pregnant again but if I am... I'll get used to the idea... *smile* Yes it's Possible Although your urine tests are coming back negative it is very possible that you are pregnant at home tests are more likely to give false negatives than positives if you haven't had your period that long I suggest getting to your doctor ASAP so that he or she can do a blood test and or ultrasound to see what's really going on...hope everything works out for you.

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Q: Is it possible to feel kicking or movement in your abdomen after having 3 negative pregnancy tests?
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Why would you feel movement in your abdomen yet have not missed your monthly cycle and the home test was negative?

movement during pregnancy can only be felt during the fifth or sixth month, you probably just have gases in your stomach!

Can Clomid cause negative pregnancy tests My stomach is growing and I feel very much movement but all my preg. tests are negative. Can that happen?

If your stomach is growing and you have negative pregnancy tests, you need to see a physician. This could be a result of a benign mass (cyst), an infection, or any other number of things that could be harmful in the long run if ignored. You shouldn't feel movement in your abdomen early during the pregnancy.

Is a hard abdomen and stomach a sign of pregnancy?

During the second or third month of a womans pregnancy it is possible for her abdomen and lower stomach to appear bloated and feel hard. But this symptom alone is not a pregnancy symptom. I would not suspect pregnancy unless you are having other pregnancy symptoms too. Also see your doctor about your hard abdomen in case this is not pregnancy related. Good luck.

Could tightness in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

Is tightness in the abdomen a symptom of early pregnancy

What condition could cause you to have pregnancy feelings of life growing inside with no pain just flutters and sensations with other pregnancy signs but negative tests?

I find that happens to me when I am gasy, but really wanting to be pregnant. I found something on google when I put movement in upper abdomen it was called gastro...something it has all signs of pregnancy.

What could cause movement in your abdomen and sharp pains in your lower abdomen and back pain?

A kidney stone is possible, get a ultra sonogram done.

Is it possible for a pulsating movement in your lower abdomen to be a baby's heartbeat?

I'm not for sure I am wondering the same question

Is tenderness in the abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

tenderness in the abdomen is not a sign of pregnancy so if that is the situation i suggest you seea doctor. p.s. tenderness in the breasts is a sign of pregnancy.

Movement of gas particles?

During pregnancy you will experienced flatulence because of the hormone progesterone that decreases peristalsis thus gas form in the abdomen.

Could there still be a chance of pregnancy if you had a tubal done and are experiencing strange feelings in your lower abdomen but have not missed a period and have had negative results on tests?

no chance of pregnancy. see your doctor for ultrasound scan.

If Your period is late And you are spotting for a week and you also experienced a severe pain in the lower left side of abdomen that was so severe you couldn't stand up and Pregnancy test is neg?

IF the pregnancy test is negative, then it could be diverticulosis. A cat scan of the abdomen will be diagnostic. See a Doctor.

Can pains in abdomen be symptom of pregnancy?

yes it can.

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