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Is it possible to feel your baby's heartbeat through your belly?

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No, you are feeling your own heartbeat as the blood flow to your uterus is increased.

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Do vitro babys have belly buttons?


What is it called when your babys belly is swelling?

it is called proturding

How do you know when its your time to get married?

whenever a babys in the belly

How long does it take to show if a dog is pregnant e.g. distended belly?

by touching its stumic and feel the babys kiking their belly

When your heart beats does your belly beat to?

No, while your belly may recieve the shockwave of each heartbeat, it never generates beats itself.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you can feel your heartbeat close to your belly button?

No, you won't detect a heartbeat for several months. It's more likely gas.

Can you feel a heartbeat through your stomach?

You cannot feel a baby's heartbeat through your stomach, no. If you are feeling this, it is probably your pulse. You can feel this, particularly when lying down, because a main artery runs down the stomach. but when sitting down or standing why can my friend (male) feeel his belly move like a hert beat andwhen putting his hand his stomach why is it like he's thumping hard like heartbeat

Is it possible to not have a belly button?

NO it is not possible to be born or without a belly button. Other wise you must be an alien if not.

Is it possible to hear a baby's heart beat loud and strong at nine weeks pregnant?

With a doctors "listener" it can be heard. I wouldn't say loud and clear, but it's possible it could be loud and clear, depends on the woman and the baby.AnswerYes I heard my babys heartbeat at 9 weeks pregnant with a at home fetal monitor. AnswerA vaginal ultra sound can detect a heartbeat as soon as 6 weeks gestation but more commonly at 7-8 weeks. The fetal Doppler used on the outside of your belly should pick up a heartbeat at 12 weeks clearly. AnswerA fetal heartbeat can be heard as early as 8-10 weeks pregnant using a good fetal Doppler such as one rented from Tummy Tickles or a company like that. AnswerYes it can be heard. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and heart it perfectly and then again at 9 weeks on a Doppler in the doctors office.

Is it possible to stay alive in the belly of any whales?

It is not possible.

Does it mean you are pregnant if you feel pulse in your belly?

yes you can feel the babys heart beat and feel the baby kicking around

Why cant doctors reverse a tubal when they go in through the belly button and is it possible for your body to heal and you get pregnant after a long time?

your question is very vague what do you mean by tubal do you mean tubectomy or tubal pregnancy for your information doctors go by the side of belly button and not through belly button. ur qn: is it possible for your body to heal and you get pregnant after a long time? ans: yes if the health is in good condition

What the name of the cord in the babys belly button in the womb?

This is called the Umbilical cord. It is the pathway between mother and baby during pregnancy, and it is the way the baby receives oxygen, nutrients, and more through the placenta until it is born.

Could there be something wrong with your pregnancy if you can't hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks?

No, I didn't hear my babies heartbeat until I was about 14 weeks. It also depends on how much belly fat you have. I had some belly fat so maybe that's why it was a little longer for me. Don't worry everything will be fine.

Is it possible to have two belly buttons?

Yes, it is possible to have two belly buttons. However, it is considered very rare and it is also considered to be a deformity.

Is it really possible to grow pigs on your belly button?

no it is phisically in possible

Is it normal to have belly button pain during early pregnancy?

yes its from all the stress the babys building up and it pushes on that area

Do babies get head aches?

Yes Babys Get Head Aches Like Any Other Normal Person..Why No One Hasnt Answered This Yet Beats Me. Jus like all humans get belly aches babys get belly aches its the same with head aches. even tho im not sure how to tell when they have one its more then likely they do get them

Is it possible for someone not to have a belly button?


Is my baby okay if I am 40 weeks and my belly hasn't grown in 3 weeks?

The belly will usually stop growing when a woman reaches 40 weeks. The baby is fine as long as the heartbeat is steady.

Ultrasound said babys belly was smaller than head what does this mean?

I had the same thing happen during my ultrasound today and am looking for answers.

Is it possible to get a bead stuck in your belly button?


Can you get a reash on belly and thighes with herpes?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to have no belly button?

No all humans have to have a belly button. as we get our food wfrom it when our motheris pregnant for 9 months.

What are possible causes for pain in the lower abdomen to the right of the belly button?

the middle of my lower belly very painful