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I hear there is a new test kit that can detect the pregnancy hormone 1 week after conception. Ask your local pharmacy for this.

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Q: Is it possible to find out pregnancy the very next?
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Is it possible to get a positive pregnancy test the very next day after getting a negative one?

yes. it is possible to get a positive test result the very next day. it may be due to a change in the amount of hormone level change in your urine or the type of test that you have taken.

Is it possible to have no pregnancy symptoms?

Yes its possible (for the first trimester or so) but very unlikely.

I have had my tubes tied and a particle hysterectomy is pregnancy possible?

Very unlikely

What happens in the very first 2 weeks of possible pregnancy?


This is half day not 12 Is it possible having short period and pregnancy. Please Reply ASAP?

very possible. take a home pregnancy test!!

MY period is due next week however I have been feeling nauseous light-headed headaches and noticed a very small amount of white milky discharge from my breast is this due to possible pregnancy?

There is a possibilty that it is but i wouldn't be too sure so go to a clinic or a pharmacy and get a pregnancy test asap. This way you can find out if you are or not that is the best way to find out if not then go to your doctor

Is it possible for you to have a full menstruation during a pregnancy?

It is very rare, but women can menstruate during pregnancy. It is right at the onset of a pregnancy and usually coincides with the woman being very close to her normal cycle.

How soon can a blood test show a pregnancy?

The very next day after conception..

Is it possible to get pregnant 1 week after miscarriage?

Yes - you are very fertile after a pregnancy

Is it possible to not have any pregnancy symptom at 4 weeks?

Yes it is possible to not have any symptons at 4 weeks, and also throughtout your whole pregnancy, consider yourself very lucky!

I have all pregnancy symptoms including implantation bleeding is it still possible to have 3 negative pregnancy tests?

Very, very unlikely if you're doing the tests right.

You had a miscarriage after your tubal ligation is it possible to have a normal pregnancy now?

i had a tubal ligation in october of 99 and took a positive pregnancy test in July of this year 09. the pregnancy was confirmed to be in my uterus. the very next day i began miscarrying. my ob/gyn said at least one of my tubes must be open because it would be the only possible explanation for the uterine pregnancy.therefore he said my chances of conceiving again are obviously possible.

Is it possible to bleed during first month of pregnancy?

Yes it is very possible to bleed during early pregnancy. This kind of bleeding is usually spotting or very light and is referred to a early pregnancy bleeding. But all pregnancy bleeding that is red in colour does need to be investigated by your doctor to make sure the foetus is viable and doing ok.

Will you be ovulating 6 weeks post pregnancy?

This is very rare, but possible. It is called as superfetation.

How similar do symptoms of second pregnancy feel to the first pregnancy?

That is very difficult to say. Symptoms vary between women from one pregnancy to the next. You may feel very ill the first time, and then feel fine the next. In general, you will recognize the symptoms a lot earlier the second time around.

Can pregnancy symptoms start right before your next period?

Yes. But not very big ones.

Here can one find helpful pregnancy videos?

One can find many videos which may be helpful with a pregnancy. Baby Center offers many videos from different stages of pregnancy that one can find very useful to reference.

Can a pregnancy test say positive then an hour later say positive?

Yes. It is very possible. :)

Is it possible to not be pregnant even though I am 6 days late and have cramping as if I had my period and very mild spotting please help I don't want to pregnant?

its possible u are and possible your not because, your 6 days late but take a pregnancy that's the only way to find out ....

Is it possible to like a girl and stand near her but be too nervous to stand next to her?

yes very possible it is also possible to stand next to a guy (if you are a girl or gay) and be too nervouse to talk to him

If a pregnancy test says negative can you still be pregnant?

Its possible, there may be a flaw in the test. It is very unlikely.

Can a bladder infection cause a missed period?

If it has made you very poorly then it is possible. But rule out pregnancy first.

Where can I find information on young pregnancy?

You get plenty of information on how to help young girls during their pregnancy. You can get help through DHS, which is a very good way to get help for pregnancy.

Where can one find more about chemical pregnancy?

A very good site for information about a chemical pregnancy call Count Down to Pregnancy. They explain it is nonmedical terms. Information about what a chemical pregnancy is and how it is diagnosed is available.

Can a pregnancy test be negative with an ectopic pregnancy?

Although the chances are slim with a urine test performed at a doctor's office, it still can be possible to receive a negative result early in an ectopic pregnancy. If you used a home test the chances are slightly higher. If you think it is possible that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor or health department. An ectopic pregnancy can be very dangerous.