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It is possible to forgive anything but that doesn't mean forgetting. I would not want a rapist / child abuser as a husband. They will only attack again. A wife of a child abuser isn't a real wife.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-23 14:15:06
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Q: Is it possible to forgive your husband when he sexually assaulted your fourteen year old niece?
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How do you forgive your friend who sexually tempted your husband?

hmm. you just forgive and forget.

How many times must you forgive?

As many times as possible in your lifetime.

Is it possible to forgive your father's former mistress for the hurt she caused you?

It is possible to forgive, but sometimes this is difficult in the particular circumstances. You could be guided by your mother - has she forgiven? You could look at the former mistress and try to see whether, apart from this indiscretion, she was otherwise a good person. You do not have to forgive, and perhaps you do not have to even try. Do what you feel is best for you and your family in achieving closure of this affair.

Why would a wife forgive her spouse infidelity if she never did anything wrong to their marriage?

One possible reason is to heal the relationship. In order to move past the hurt, you need to forgive them, but not for their sake, for your own. Meanwhile, you still have to decide whether or not to stay in the relationship and if your partner will change their behavior if you do forgive the infidelity. Another possible reason wives forgive infidility is financial security. Often women do not have the career opportunities or the financial resources of their spouses.

Can you forgive him?

yes i can forgive you

How do you make someone forget something?

Once something is done it is not possible to make someone forget it. You can, if you hurt someone, ask them to forgive you. If they do, it might be possible to get past that hurt.

How do you forgive an adulterous partner?

It is very hard to forgive an adulteress partner. The best way to do this is to speak with your partner and let them know how hurt you are. If possible, take a few days away from everyone and try to work out the problem.

Why is it good to forgive?

Because of you forgive

Forgive in Spanish?

to forgive = perdonar

What are the suffixes for forgive?


Why god forgive us even they are not doing good?

Because He loves us and love is all about forgiving whenever possible.

What is forgive means?

forgive means that if you own somebody apology and ask someone will forgive you.

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