Is it possible to get an ex-boyfriend from your teenage years back after more than a decade without contact?

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September 13, 2011 3:02AM

I've sure heard of stranger things.

If your ex boyfriend is not married or has a girlfriend by all

means persue him. If he is married or has a girlfriend move on.

Breaking up a relationship between him and his wife or girlfriend

is just not a good start in your relationship with him.

Check it out and see if he still is single.

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i agree, only if he is single should you even think about it. my

husbands high school girlfriend emails him from time to time, he

never responds. we have been married over a year. its annoying.she

needs to get a life, he was her first love and that was over ten

years ago. in 2000-2002, he was really nice and wrote back but now

he just ignores them. she invited him to a wedding in 2002 and

wrote back saying he couldn't go cause it was our anniversary and

we were going out for a special dinner. she still didnt get the


so if you are writing and writing and getting no response, and

you know your ex is married or involved, you really need to move

on. it isn't fair to you, the ex, or the person they are married to

to keep pursuing an old love.

there are plenty of new faces out there instead of digging up

the past.

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