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I know of no aftermarket kit. Unless it comes from the factory it would be hard to install a factory unit.

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โˆ™ 2004-11-07 10:19:30
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Q: Is it possible to get automatic headlamp control for a 1997 GMC Safari when it begins to get dark?
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Is it possible to add automatic headlamp control to a 1997 GMC Safari to make the lights come when it is dark?

We sent a Man to the Moon didn't we? Ofcourse its possible. Simply install the device and light sensor, then go under the dash and figure out what electrical lead, from the headlamp switch, controls the headlamp ciruit - you'll need a shop manual for this. Next, follow the directions that came with your automatic headlamp switch and install it inline, so it makes or breaks the circuit leading to the headlamp circuit. (simple right). Of course, first you will need a "device". You can find one here:

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