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Q: Is it possible to have a nose bleed that doesnt come out?
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Is it possible to nose bleed when sleeping?

Yes, it is.

Why would you get a nosebleed after a hit to the face?

It is possible but it depends on the force and speed of what hits you. If it is only a small tap on the nose from a small object, your nose will probably not bleed. If it is a big object that hits you fast, your nose may bleed.

Does a baby's nose bleed after he has died from SIDS?

No a baby's nose does no bleed after dying from SIDS. It is as if they just drifted off to sleep. For the most part this is true, but there are times when, after death, blood does come out of the ears and nose.

What are the possible dangers after hitting the head and getting a nose bleed?

Brusing on the brain.

What happens if your hamsters nose starts to bleed?

make it bleed more so the blood can come out lol ;)

Is it possible to have a fractured nose without getting a nosebleed?

I would say it is possible to have a broken nose without bleeding from the nose. But I'm not 100% sure. Not everyone gets nosebleeds. I never had a nosebleed yet. The nose will be crocked and bruised (blue or black) but it might not bleed.

Can having broken nose cause nose bleeds?

If you just suffered a nose breakage, it's very plausible you damaged a blood vessel as well as nose cartilage. In which case a nose bleed is very likely if not imminently possible.

When was She Makes My Nose Bleed created?

She Makes My Nose Bleed was created in 1996.

How do nosebleeds occur?

A nose bleed occurs basically when the capilaries in the nose break, and the blood in the capilarries run from the nose hence a nose bleed.

Does cocaine cause your nose to bleed and what other drugs make your nose bleed?


Nose bleed after hitting the back of the neck?

is it common to get a nose bleed after a neck injury

How do you get rid of a nose bleed?

o.k what you do is put a tissue under the nose and pinch the bridge of the nose for about 2 minutes then with a clean tissue gently blow into the tissue a long blood clot should come out , discard the tissues and wash your nose and hands. that's how to get rid of a nose bleed. the spurs171 way !!!!! p.s it works every time.

Why would a ducks nose bleed?

A Ducks Nose Will Bleed because, every animal has blood.

Can high blood pressure make your nose bleed?

yes it can, if you have common nose bleeds(one each day) or even more frequently it is possible you have high blood pressure!

What does it mean you spit up blood after you get a nose bleed?

If you spit up blood after you get a nose bleed, you have probably swallowed some of your blood. You don't want to hold your head too far back when you are having a nose bleed.

My nose bleed for 2 hours nonstop with blood clots why?

There are any number of reasons people suffer nose bleeds, ranging from climate, blood disorders and medications. A person that has nose bleed that lasts two hours continuously (assuming you were trying to stop the nose bleed and not blowing your nose during the bleed) should be seen by a doctor to determine the underlying cause.

Is it normal to have blood come out of your tear duct while having a nosebleed?

It's not exactly normal for this to happen, but it's not unheard of either. Your nose and tear ducts are connected so during a nose bleed if you lean your head back some of the blood can go back upwards and come out of your tear ducts. It's also possible to breathe through your tear ducts, and you may notice when you cry your nose runs in part because of tears leaking down to the nose.

Is it possible for pea to come out your nose?

Yes, but not poo.

Can hot weather make your nose bleed?

yes Blood vessels expand in the heat and can cause a nose bleed.

Are there any dangers related to picking your nose?

There is no great risk in picking your nose. The worst thing that could happen is a nose bleed. I used to blow my nose hard and the only thing that happened was a nose bleed.

Why does your noes bleed?

there is a thing in your nose that when it gets knocked loose then blood flows. that's why when you pick your nose too much, or get punched your nose starts to bleed

Can a blood clot come out of your mouth after a nose bleed?

Yes. Although this usually means you've swallowed a lot of blood, it can happen but is much more unpleasant than the alternative (though your nose).

What happens when blood comes out of your nose?

You get a nose bleed

How many nose bleeds will it take to bleed out?

A human body has approximately 5.5 liters of blood. A nose bleed will at maximum a couple of millimeters of blood. In order to bleed out by nose bleeds, you would need to have thousands of nose bleeds in rapid succession.

What makes a dogs nose bleed?

Normally a dogs nose does not bleed, could something be in his nose? it would be right in front. Do not go into the nostrils. Pituary Tumor can cause this.