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Is it possible to have cramps before a period?


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Yes, premenstrual cramping is very normal.

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Yes. It is possible anytime to get period cramps.

The cramps are quite common before, during or after the period. Diarrhea is not common. It is possible to have diarrhea concomitantly with the period, but the diarrhea oftentimes is unrelated to the period.

It is not uncommon have cramps before having your first ever period

is there anyway to stop cramps or help them?? i am talking about the ones you get with or before your period

Not all girls have cramps before their period. For me, I usually have cramps for 2 to 3 days before I actually start. My cramps are dull and achy not really sharp pains! Hope this helps(:

The time that cramps start vary with everyone. Some get them days before their period while others get them the day of their period.

This is normal. Women usually get cramps during ovulation and ovulation occurs a few weeks before your period

It is possible to feel nauseous before your period starts; along with bloating, cramps, irritability, etc.. the hormone changes can cause nausea and/or diarrhea, too.

Two days late is nothing and I doubt that you are pregnant. What you describe is PMS and the cramps often come before a period as well as during a period. Stay off of sugars, caffeine, and take B6 to help yourself. When the cramps start using a heating pad to help yourself. When you are a month late for a period take a test.

Could be built up gas on your stomach. Or pre cramps before your period.

Yes. I get cramps a week before my period. It's whe you are ovulating.

It is very normal for girls to have cramps after there period... Or even before... I just got off my period and there isstill a bit of clear stuff........ You have absolutely nothing to worried about......... But if your cramps are as bad as the ones that you get when your on you period then you might want to tell a adult......... Good luck

No, not having cramps is normal and lucky. If your haveing a normal flow you aren't pregnant.

I started feeling them two days before my expected period day.

Cramping can happen whenever! I sometimes get cramps 2 weeks before I actually start my period. My worse cramps come the day before and the day of my period.

It depends. Sometimes you don't get cramps. Think about the last time you got your period and when the cramps started.

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

no i get cramps during my secound day of my period

You feel them lower stomach most of the time.

Yes. Not everyone gets cramps and there are many indicators of a period, like breast tenderness, back pain and mood swings.

You get cramps because before getting you're period throught that time you usually eat lemon, chilli or anything that is irritating to the vagina that's why you get the cramps during your period

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

It's more than possible; it's a good idea. Exercise during your period helps relieve cramps and bloating.

Yes, that sounds like your about to start your period soon

Yes they do.. thay do not get period cramps but they can get muscle cramps.

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