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Is it possible to have three nipples?

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The term "supernumerary nipple" applies to individuals (as many as 1 in 50)who have an extra nipple, with or without an extra teat. Men are as likely as women to possess one, but it is often unnoticeably small.

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Is it possible for a woman to have three ntural breasts?

It is possible but EXTREMELY rare. It is more common for a women to have three nipples than 3 full breasts.

Is it possible to have 4 nipples?

yes it is possible to have four nipples ex: harry styles and zac effron

Is it true Anne Boleyn had three nipples?

It is said that she did, but it is quite possible this was a rumour to blacken her name, as signs like having 3 nipples would be seen as a sign of being a witch. If Anne did have 3 nipples it was possibly a supernummery nipple.

What three kinds of mammals don't have nipples?

Male rats don't have nipples.

Does Tom Brady have three nipples?


Is it normal to have three nipples?

Not exactly.1 in 50 people have them. Girls are just as likely to have three nipples as guys are. And these third nipples are usually small so it's unlikely that it will develop if you are female.

How do you identify a virgin by her nipples?

to my knowledge that isn't possible.

What is Nancy grace breast size?

Udder 1 three nipples and udder 2 four nipples

What character on the Simpsons has three nipples?

Krusty the Klown.

What are three ancient mountains in ancient Greece?


Does gangnam style mean having three nipples?


Does jay on modern family have three nipples?

What is this then? ๐Ÿค”

Do my nipples get white if im pregnant?

maybe it might be a symbol that you have milk in your nipples but sometimes you have white you might not have some white on your nipples but some people don't it could be possible to have white if your pregnant

Is it possible to have nipples like a cat?

yes the lining under your skin is like a cat amd you have a row of big nipples ready to pop out and this is why some humans have more then 2 nipples meow

Do boy dogs have nipples?

Yes they do, all mammals have them, male and female. However, male dogs usually have immature nipples. Also, depending on the amount of fur, it is possible to not be able to find their nipples.

Your nipples are sore and period is three days late had unprotected sex?

it's definitely possible, wait a week after you're missed period, then take a pregnancy test

How do you get you nipples hard?

To make your nipples hard, you need to sexually stimulate yourself. Massage your boobs, rub them, squeeze them, etc. Also, flick, lick, and touch your nipples as much as possible. Your nipples will get hard once you're horny and sexually stimulated.

Is it possible for a person to run 3 miles in two minutes?

No, it is not possible. But if you have small nipples and small moobs it will help.

Why are your nipples sucked in?

Your nipples are probably not "sucked in", but simply inverted. Some people's nipples are just naturally this way, and is not harmful or bad in any way. Everyone's breasts and nipples vary wildly, despite what you see in the media. Inverted nipples are not normally an issue for breastfeeding or anything else. Surgery is possible to change the shape and protrusion.

What are three different reproductive organs that vasocongest?

Penis, Clitoris, Nipples

How many niples does bunnies have?

the answer is three. rabbits have three nipples: two ant the bottom and one in the middle.

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

If you put toothpaste on your nipples will it cause a rash?

Why on earth would any person in their right mind even contemplate putting toothpaste on their nipples? It probably won't cause a rash, but if the skin of your nipples is sensitive to the ingredients of toothpaste then it is possible for a rash to form.

What do Mark Wahlberg and the Bond villain Scaramanga have in common?

They both have three nipples

Chandler Bing and Ann Boleyn had what medical condition in common?

Three nipples