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no, carbon fiber is a cloth like material that when putting epoxy on it, it turns to a very light and strong material, it is desined to withstand extreme heat and pressure before it could be shaped differently, so unless u can heat the stick to over 1,000 degress F i dought it

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Is it safe to use a wooden spoon to unblock a blender?

When a blender is blocked, the first thing to do is to unplug it before using any utensil to free the blades. Then instead of sticking a wooden spoon or anything else into the blades, pour out as much of the contents as possible into another container. Then unscrew the bottom of the blender and remove the blades that way. Remove the material that has blocked the blades, then reassemble the blender. This process may seem like a lot of trouble, but the blades of a blender are very sharp and would cut or splinter a wooden spoon or rubber (plastic or silicone) spatula. Metal utensils that would not be cut by the blades could damage the blades themselves.

What elements is a wooden table made of?

Wooden table comprises of carbon. Carbon is the element present in wood.

What are the advantages of wooden wind turbine blades?

cheap and easy to maintain

What were helicopters originally made of?

first helis had wooden rotor blades and heavy steel/ wooden frames. obviously this didn't do the trick so now we got composite blades, aluminum skids, monocoque or semi monocoque or truss style construction

What type of lead does a wooden pencil have?

wooden pencils contain graphite which is an allotrope of carbon, not lead

What is a Huitzauhqui?

An Aztec weapon consisting of a wooden club with a number of heavy obsidian blades attached.

Why wooden objects are not attracted to magnets?

Wood is a carbon based compound. Carbon is not magnetic.

Can you use a plastic blade in ice hockey?

No. Ice Hockey is meant to be played with wooden or aluminum blades.

Is a wooden chair an organic or inorganic object?

Organic compounds contain carbon, since a tree is made of carbon (as are all living things) then it is safe to say a wooden chair is organic.

What happens to a wooden splint in gas cylinder filled with carbon dioxide?

If the wooden splint happened to be on fire when it was placed into the cylinder filled with carbon dioxide, the fire will go out. Other than that, nothing happens to the wooden splint. It will just sit there quietly, doing nothing.

What is the Aztec war club called?

A Macuahuitl (hand-wood) was a sword with sharp obsidian blades embedded in its sides. They were very sharp and could decapitate a horse. A Huitzauhqui was a wooden club inlaid with obsidian blades.

Which Radioactive isotopes is used to date ancient wooden artifacts?


How can you detect the presence of carbon dioxide?

If you light a wooden splint and place it in the area in question the flame will be extinguished if carbon dioxide is present

What radioactive element is best suited for determining the age of wooden tools used by prehistoric humans during the last ice age?

carbon-14 carbon-14 carbon-14 carbon-14 carbon-14

A wooden object a prehistoric site has a carbon-14 activity?

11,500 yrs

Is shadamy a possible clouple?

i believe it to be an old old wooden ship

What radioactive isotopes is used to date ancient wooden artifacts cobalt-60 phosphorus-32 carbon-14 or carbon-12?


Hydrogen and carbon dioxide cannot be seen how could you use a wooden splint and a flame to identify each of these gases?

You can identify hydrogen and carbon dioxide by lighting a wooden splint and putting it near the gasses. Since hydrogen is flammable, the flame will get bigger. Since carbon dioxide does not burn, it may get smaller or go out.

Is there any stores that sell keyblades?

I've seen a store called Shades and Blades in St. Augustine, Florida that sells a wooden replica of the Kingdom Key.

What are the release dates for How It's Made - 2001 Wooden Bowls Chainsaws Stackable Potato Chips Jet Compressor Blades 9-3?

How It's Made - 2001 Wooden Bowls Chainsaws Stackable Potato Chips Jet Compressor Blades 9-3 was released on: Canada: 2007 USA: 21 September 2007 Australia: 27 January 2008

Can a wooden spoon be recycled?

No, unfortunately. Half the weight of the spoon is carbon, and this will be released into the atmosphere when the wood rots in landfill. If you keep the spoon hanging on your wall for years it will store the carbon. If there is another tree growing in place of your wooden spoon tree then your spoon is part of the natural balanced carbon cycle of the earth and you can sleep soundly tonight.

Why do you sharpen pencils?

to open the carbon rod inside the wooden body of a pencil, to use for drawing and writing.

The carbon-14 in a wooden sample shows a ratio of 0.280 between the carbon-14 in the wood and present-day samples The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years How old is the wood?

10,500 years old The carbon-14 in a wooden sample shows a ratio of 0.0093 between the carbon-14 in the wood and present-day samples. The half-life of carbon-14 is 5,730 years. How old is the wood? 38,700 years old

Is it possible for a wooden log to melt?

it is because wood is hard and will never melt so the answer is no

What type of wooden counter stool should I get for my kitchen?

Their are many wooden stools that would go great in a kitchen. You can research possible buying options from

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