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Is it possible to install an air conditioning system on a 1973 VW Beetle?

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It isn't really possible with the heater channels the way they are, but I have heard of some people buying or making a swamp cooler, unfortunately these may look stupid in some situations.

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Is it possible to install air conditioning system on a 1979 VW Super Beetle?

Components can be located to install a factory correct ac unit but it may take a lot of searching and expense. Another option may be to buy a 79 beetle with ac and use it as a donor car for the parts.

Is it possible to install air conditioning system on a 1974 VW super beetle?

Yes - several companies offer complete kits for installation in cars that did not come with AC originally. Here are three links to help you. I have been seeking AC for my 1973 Super Beetle, so I am glad to help! Click here: HOT ROD AIR CONDITIONING - VW Complete AC Kits I

How much is to install a complete air conditioning system on a Mazda 3 that does not have air conditioning?

That's a rare occurence to have a car with no A/C. In a nutshell...A LOT OF MONEY!!

How much should air conditioner starter kit install cost?

Hi, How much does it cost to install a starter in a home air conditioning system?

Is it possible to retrofit an air conditioning system to your 1990 Honda civic if it is can you just get an AC system from another Honda Civic car and then install it?

It can be done for some models. Is there already AC on the '90 civic? If not it will require some effort but it is definitely not impossible.

How do i fix the air conditioning that is blowing hot air in a 01' VW beetle?

You will have to get the system re-gassed, once the refrigerant has escaped out of the system you will have nothing that can remove the heat from the cabin of your car.

Air conditioning light blinking on 1992 Chevy pick-up?

If the air conditioning light is blinking on a 1992 Chevy Pickup, it is possible that the Freon is low in the air conditioning system. it is also possible for this light to blink when the radiator fluid is low or there is a problem with the air conditioning belt running the pump.

Could you install Air conditioning in a hot water heating system?

No, there is no blower or duct work. You can't chill the water in the heating system and get cold air out of it.

How can I service my air conditioning system?

Contact the company which installed your air conditioning system. From there, request to have a service man come out and check that your air conditioning system is functioning properly.

How difficult it is to install central air conditioning system?

"Not as difficult as some might think. If it is a home that currently has installed ductwork, the process of the central air conditioning is rather simple. Purchasing the condensing unit is a major expense,"

Is it possible to install both malware and antivirus software in a system?

i am only 10, but i know you can

Is it worth it to install air conditioning into a 1990 Accord DX with 100k miles?

I guess you would have to answer that. Consider where you live and normally commute, and will you install the a/c system or have someone install it? I installed the Honda a/c system on my '94 Accord DX when it was was the easiest install I ever have done. All of the parts fit like a glove, flawless. Good luck

Does the upstairs air conditioning system need to be on for the downstairs air conditioning system to work more effeciently?


What are the average prices for a heating and air conditioning contractor?

The cost to have a central air conditioning system installed can range anywhere from $2,650 to $15,000. The install itself is not a DIY, or "do it yourself" project, and a contractor is typically hired to handle the task.

How do you recharge air conditioning on 1995 jeep?

It will have to go to a garage with the correct equipment to evacuate the system and then recharge it, its not possible to do this at home.Hope this helps

Is it possible to install the inbuilt BMW navigation system on a 2005 BMW 530i?

If you are referring to the iDrive system (with the screen that is built right into the dash), then it is possible. But it is very expensive and time-consuming.

Is possible to run the car air condition system from solar power energy?

Yes, especially with the help of the batteries. Solar energy can run an air conditioning system. It can run the entire car in fact. You could actually do it withou the batteries as there would be little point in running an air conditioning system when the sun is not out. But having only the air conditioning system powered by solar energy would still be a net advantage.

How do you install air conditioning into your 2000 Honda Civic DX 4 door with a manual trans?

A 2000 Honda Civic should have a standard AC system. To completely install a new system it will need a condenser, evaporator, compressor, and all the necessary hard-lines. Then the system will need to be routed correctly on the engine and wired into the ECU.

How expensive is it to install air conditioner in 1988 Honda CRX?

A complete air conditioning system install on a 1988 Honda CRX has the potential to costs thousands. Everything would have to be safely installed and checked to make sure it is street legal. A bad install can lead to poisoning the community.

Why did the US and the Soviet Union install a hotline telephone system?

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To what system does the air conditioning receiver drier belong to?

Climate controlAir conditioning

How much does is cost to install ductless air conditioning?

As far as I can tell, it depends on square footage and tons. It may cost you $5,000 to install a complete system. I also read that it may cost you anywhere from $1,500-$2,500 per ton.

install a geothermal system?

install geothermal system for a church

How to install a Central Air Conditioning System?

Most new homes in the United States are built with central air conditioning systems installed during their construction. While many older homes do not have these systems, it is not difficult to install a central air conditioning system. The first step in installing a system is deciding which system is appropriate for the buyer’s needs. Central air conditioning systems typically consist of an outside unit which includes the condenser and compressor, an inside unit which contains the evaporator, and the ducts and pipes in the home that distribute the cold air to the different rooms in the building. Choosing which system is appropriate depends on the size of the area being cooled, the amount of power available to power the system, and the homeowner’s budget. Once the system has been chosen, the first step in installing the system is to install the ducts that will distribute the air inside the house. This is the most time-consuming part of the installation, and will take much longer than the actual installation of the unit. The typical homeowner will need to hire a contractor to install the ducts and central air unit, since installing a central air conditioning unit requires specialized knowledge in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is also important to note that in many states, the person installing the central air conditioning system must be certified or accredited by the state in which the home is located. Another important note for the homeowner is that in many states, handling the refrigerants used in the air conditioning unit requires a special certification from the state. Once the ducts and vents have been installed, the next step in installing the central air conditioning system is to install the air handler unit. It is important to make sure the power is turned off to the house before the installation of the air handler unit is started. This component is typically installed in either the basement or attic of the house. Next install the compressor unit of the central air conditioning system. It is important to make sure the compressor is placed on a base which is level, and that the immediate area surrounding the compressor is empty. Once the compressor is installed and level, connect the compressor and air handler unit to the main power unit of the house. The final step of the installation is to install and connect the thermostat unit that will control the air conditioning unit. It is now time to turn power back on and check to make sure the unit is working properly. If the unit does not work properly, consult a licenced contractor for help in fixing any issues.