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Navigation Systemwell i assume anything is possible but this is very not probable due to the fact that your CD player you have now( i assume you have a e60, which is the new body style) is not just a CD player,its actually called a m-ask, which does many things for your car, it is the car computer, it controls all other modules in a bus system that you know about, it control the i drive screen. sound, many things to do with communication that are important to your car, and they are specific per vins, so no swapping out of other cars is possible, (for theft reasons) the nav system your talking about is actually called a ccc (car communication computer) which is similar to the m-ask (multimedia audio system controller) but works much different and other modules are required for it to work properly, programming and coding must be done, it would cost too much money to do a swap, if you really want it, it will be much cheaper to sell it or trade it in and get a car that already has nav. hope this helps.
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Q: Is it possible to install the inbuilt BMW navigation system on a 2003 BMW 530i?
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Is it possible to install the inbuilt BMW navigation system on a 2005 BMW 530i?

If you are referring to the iDrive system (with the screen that is built right into the dash), then it is possible. But it is very expensive and time-consuming.

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There is no annual fee for the mercedes navigation system but there is a cost to purchase and install the system. The general cost of the system is from $800-$1200 depending on the cost of installation.

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No. Yes you can

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Can you install a 2002 cadillac deville navigation system in a 2001 deville?

yes it can contact me at and i can tell you how!

Should I buy a car with an installed navigations system, or wait until after I buy the car to install an aftermarket navigation system?

you should buy a car and then buy a navigation system after because it costs less money to buy the navigation system sperate rather than already built into the car.

Where can I find a BMW navigation system?

You would be able to purchase a BMW navigation system at an authorized dealership most likely. However, it is possible to purchase one from an individual or a used car parts store.

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Can you install a Toyota oem navigation system into a 2008 highlander?

Unfortunetly, the 2008 Highlander is out of reach of the Toyota OEM Navigations system. Its main design was meant for the 2001-07 models. So to answer you question, would be both yes and no. No, it is not intended for your car. And Yes because Im sure you can install the OEM Navigation system to your '08 Highlander, but it may come with some type of modification.

Does tom tom navigation system have software for hgv vehicles?

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What is the difference between a GPS and a Satellite Navigation System?

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I have a Chrysler 300 2012 factory system with no navigation can I put a 2016 system in a 2012 with navigation factory system?

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Is it possible to install the inbuilt BMW navigation system on a 2007 BMW x5 3.0i?

yes its possible but not worth it as they would have to tear the dash board apart well some of it anyway but ask a BMW dealer to be sure it is not worth it buy a tom tom or navman instead as this will be cheaper and do no damage o your car or if u goot some money buy a new x5 with it built in As far as I'm aware (I work at Sytner BMW in Solihull) It IS possible, but as is stated above it's extremely costly, and you would be better off buying a portable nav, there is a new Bluetooth Garmin out which I can get info on if its of any interest.

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only if you pay extra for the navigation system when the dealership offers additions to the vehicle that are optional but it is a wiser choice to purchase a navigation system from a store that offers navigation systems.