BMW 5-Series

BMW 5-Series is a mid-size, executive car of BMW manufactured since 1972. It is the second best selling BMW model after the 3-Series and represents nearly 50 percent of BMW’s total profit.

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My 1996 Mazda 626 is running hot what could it be?

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There are several possible reasons for your 1996 Mazda 626 running hot. It could be due to a malfunctioning thermostat, a failing water pump, a clogged radiator, low coolant levels, or a faulty cooling fan. It's best to have a mechanic diagnose the issue to determine the exact cause.

How do you turn on the passenger airbag?

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under the passenger seat is the airbag controls.

Where is the battery located on a 2005 BMW 5 series?

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In the boot, lift the carpet and boarding.

What is the tire pressure for BMW 540?

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Have you checked your driver's side door jamb for the tire inflation information?

If you can't find it on your car tell us how fast you are going to drive and what your typical passenger/load is and I will look on my car and tell you what you need to know.

Do you like to be able to fishtail (bring the back end out on command) or do you like to have the car plow into whatever is in front of you if you skid? IE how aggressively do you drive?


Where do you check and fill the transmission fluid on a 1993 BMW 318IS?

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Filler/level plug is located on the gearbox

very similar to a manual box filler/level plug

there is no dipstick fitted to this model.

95 BMW 525i belt routing?

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am working on a BMW 525i 95 and could not figure out the belt routing

How much should it cost to replace a head gasket on a 1996 Saturn SL 1.9L DOHC?

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If the work is to be done by Saturn, Expect to Pay between $1100.00 and $1250.00

I am doing the same project, just picked up the headgasket and headbolts from O'Reilly for $42. I'm waiting to see how bad the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets are before I spend the $7apiece for new ones. I'm broke, lookin to do this as cheap as possible. lol

If your cooling system is full of oil, you'll need to flush the system VERY well with a mild detergent, and then TONS of water to get all the remaining oil and detergent out. If you have oil in the cooling system, Saturn will tell you to replace your radiator/hoses/waterpump. I am not doing this, just am flushing the system throughly. I have done many headgaskets before, and have never had any adverse results from not replacing radiator/hoses/waterpump.

Once you have the cylinder head off, that needs to be planed or resurfaced, to make sure your new gasket will seal properly. This costs $40+tax at engine shops here in WI.

After buying new oil, coolant, the gasket(s), and headbolts, plus the cost to resurface the head, I'll be getting this done for somewhere around $160-$225.

If this is your first time replacing a headgasket, this would be the motor to do it on. The 1.9L single cam is easy to work on, and there's not much to get in your way or make things difficult.

Best of luck!

Where are the relays on the 1997 BMW 528I?

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Relays for wiper motor, etc are located under the passenger side cabin filter assembly. Remove top, pull pin in front of assembly at fender well. Then gently disconnect rubber grommet on tub that feeds air into interior. Once cabin filter assembly is removed, you will see several Allen head bolts that seal the main computer. Remove cover. Relay's are in front. Hope that helps.


What does the alert symbol mean on your BMW?

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It means that you are having an issue with a part of your car. Could be low tire pressure. Best advice is to take it to a mechanic and have them figure out the problem.

How do you open trunk in 525i BMW when your out of battery?

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You need power to open it, so you'll need another bettery and jump leads. Open the bonnet (US: hood) and look for the large connector marked with a "+" sign. Connect the positive lead to taht and the negative to the chassis (any clean connection). You can now use the normal opening method.

You can unlock the doors manually if you turn the key far enough. You can then open the hood and provide power to the vehicle with jumper cables and a donor car. If all else fails you can jack the vehicle up, support it on a jack-stand, and attach a red jumper cable to the starter positive red cable where it connects to the starter and then attach black cable to any metal place on the engine. You can use this procedure to charge the battery with either a battery charger for jumper cables from a donor vehicle.

Where is the secondary fuse controlling power windows door locks and sun roof on a 1990 BMW 525i Wiring schematic refers to connection x259 Help Gwen Souden

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one of the less known about fuses that can cause all this to go out is the fuseable link. It is in a black plastic box near the battery. It is an appx 60A thin metal strip fuse. check the website link to the right for more info.

Is there going to be a benidorm series 5?

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On 22 February 2011, series creator Derren Litten announced that the fourth series would be his final one, it has been speculated due to the departures of several original cast members that the fourth series will be the last

What is the light on a BMW dash panel that looks like a circle with three dashes on each side?

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Disk brake pad indicator. When this illuminates (at other times than stating the engine) it indicates that the front disk brake pads should be replaced. Brake pad wear is always heavier on the front than on the back.

Where is button to open hood on BMW 2008 535xi?

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It is a lever to the right of the Accelerator pedal. Pull that! Then go to the middle of its grills and put your fingers in the hole. Find the lever and then it will move to the left or right, give it a bit of a push up and ta da!!

How do you change the in dash push in cup holder on a 2001 S40 Volvo?

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WHERE DO YOU GET A REPLACEMENT IN DASH PUSH IN CUP HOLDER FOR THE 2001 S40 VOLVO? FIRST :) I already have the new cup holder from Volvo! How do I replace it? You have the actual guestion listed, now where do I find the answer????

How do you reset the oil service light manually on a 1994 325i BMW?

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I am not responsible if you cause damage to your

Unscrew the port cap. (Located on the right side of the engine bay or left side as you stand in front of the car, round cap next to the right strut tower: see photo location below)

Once you have it opened you will see a big Pac-Man shaped hole and twenty little round holes. What is a Pac-Man? Never mind. We are only concerned with pin 7 and pin 19 (note: the words "pin" and "hole" are used interchangeably in this text). Refer to the picture below to find pins 7 and 19.

What we will be doing in this exercise is connecting pins 7 and 19 with a paperclip for four seconds. This will reset the service light. Simple, no? But first, here is the list of pins and what they are supposed to do:

Pin Terminal Description

1 TD TD Signal

2 - Not occupied

3 - Not occupied

4 - Not occupied

5 - Not occupied

6 - Not occupied

7 SI Service Interval Reset

8 - Not occupied

9 - Not occupied

10 - Not occupied

11 - Not occupied

12 61 (D+) Generator Charge Indicator

13 - Not occupied

14 30 Voltage; Hot At All Times

15 RXD Diagnostic Data Link

16 15S Voltage; Ignition Switch in Run

17 - Not occupied

18 PGSP Programming Line

19 31 Ground

20 TXD Diagnostic Data Link

OK, now you're ready to reset the oil service light, so turn the ignition key to position II, but don't start the Get out of the car and go to the data port. Always connect pin 7 first. Once you've inserted one end into pin 7, insert the other end into pin 19 and hold it there for 4 seconds. Then remove the paperclip. Check the dash and the oil inspection lights should be reset. The reset occurs upon removal of the clip.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT HOLD IT THERE FOR LONGER THAN 10 SECONDS or you may inadvertently reset your inspection I/II interval.

I am not responsible for this write up, I found it on the web. It took me twice to get it to reset but the first time I did not touch the sides of the port holes with the paperclip. Make sure there is contact with the inside of the ports.

Again, Do Not leave it there for more than 10 seconds.

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How do you reset the brake pad warning after changing the brake pads on a BMW?

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Just turn the key to on (second) position - where you see all the lights come on the dashboard and wait till the brake wear indicator light go off.

If you replaced the tripped brake wear sensor, the light will go off in about 10-15 seconds...