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Yes, but less than 5% of the people in the world can do it.

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I suppose so if they are either, double jointed, very flexible, have an amputated arm or can dislocate their shoulder.

No, unless you eat an apple and break five ribs then you will be able to do it. Well the guy who answered that ^ is an idiot. It is very possible to lick and even kiss your elbow. Although it is very difficult to do it is feasible. You just have to be very flexible or double jointed. My family is both and my sister is the most bendy of us all. She can KISS her elbow with ease. I agree the first dude is an idiot it is very possible to kiss your elbow.

There are very few people in the world with the ability to lick their own elbow. Those who can are either double jointed or have arms that are disproportionate to their bodies. If you lack the ability to lick your own elbow now, then there is no way for you to gain that ability other than breaking your arm (which is not recommended).

Because bones aren't flexible but joints allow flexibility. That allows you to put your foot in your mouth -- if your joints & spine are flexible enough.Similarly, you can't touch anywhere along your back with your mouth or tongue. You need your hands for that, just as you use one hand to touch the elbow of your other arm.However, there are always exceptions (except when there aren't).Very rare & unusual people with very long tongues and/or very short upper arm bones may be able to lick their elbow.You could also lick your elbow after having your entire amputated arm placed in front of you. There are other exceptions too, but they're really silly, gross, or both.In the meantime, keep putting your foot in your mouth, if it's clean enough. Some people (falsely) claim that's how Yoga was invented!

It is possible but you have to be very strange and cool to ;D xx

Cats are very flexible. That is why a cat usually lands on it feet too. To lick behind their ears they lick their paw and then clean behind their ears with the paw. They can twist their bodies easily.

Its very hard to do if the girl is not a kinky as you but its possible

Well, if you are VERY SHORT and if you can fly and Peter Pan is your best friend, then you should know if you can lick your elbow, no lie

they stick theyre hand up theyre vagina and then they are very flexible so they lick theyre vagina! (:

Yes. It is possible, but very hard. Some people who's arms are double jointed can lick their elbows every easily.

Sea otters are very flexible so they can reach every part of their body, kinda like a dog and a cat

If your partner has a disease it is very possible.

Yes. Though it either has to be really smelly or you would have to be very flexible.

Not very flexibleLess flexible than averageAverageMore flexible than averageVery flexible

The hours in this job are flexible.She was a very flexible woman.

its like how we kiss dogs lick so when they lick us they wont you to lick them in a way stroking them or scratching them will make them very happy

Yes, she is proven to be very flexible.

Yes, double jointed or hypermobility is when the joint is very flexible or lax. This can occurs in many joints but is most common in fingers and limbs. For example, if one is double jointed in their elbow, when they extend their arm the elbow will appear to be bent the opposite way or curving inward.

Well you dont have to be very flexible but do need to be flexible for some thingz

she is very flexible you tell look how skinny she is

sea stars are flexible. sea stars do not have any bones. so they are very flexible:)

Depends on what shape they are manufactured in. E.g. springs, which are very flexible.

"She was very flexible because she could do the splits."

yes if your not flexible you can not do it if you are flexible it should be very easy for you

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