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Well it depends if you are overweight, then your doctor will tell you to watch wat you eat because obesity may be a reason for your pregnancy to be high risk, but most women who expierence nausea and vomiting lose some weight in the beginging.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-18 19:58:26
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Q: Is it possible to lose weight healthily in the first 3 months of pregnancy?
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You miss your period for 3 months and no weight gain are you pregnant?

Weight gain is irrelevant during the first trimester. If you had intercourse and missed a period pregnancy is possible.

How early do you start do gain weight in pregnancy?

3 months.

How soon do you gain weight during pregnancy?

3 months

How do you put on weight healthily?

How is it possible to not gain weight in pregnancy?

It is a necessary biological response for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy. The weight is added from fat that holds nutrients and water that both provide for and protect the baby. It is not possible to not gain weight during the pregnancy without harming the baby, but there are ways to lose the weight after the birth of the child.

How does pregnancy effect gastric bypass surgery?

While it is usually possible to carry a healthy child after weight loss surgery, it is recommended that you wait at least 18 months after surgery to get pregnant.

How much should your baby weight at 5 months of pregnancy?

About 9 ounces!

How does Cheryl Cole lose weight?

By eating healthily.

Are any of the diets for weight loss under 2 months long?

I definatly believe that it is possible to lose as much weight as possible in 2 months. "As much as possible" means the commetment that you put into loosing it.

How do I keep my weight down during my pregnancy?

Your main concern should be making sure you baby is growing properly and receiving enough goodness for him/her to grow. Eat healthily. Like it or not your weight will change, even after your pregnancy but by eating healthy and moderate execise during your regnancy shouldn't make it hard to shift the weight.

How can I lose weight fast for an upcoming special event?

While it may not be possible to drastically alter your body shape in a few weeks or months, it is possible to make a great beginning to a healthy lifestyle by getting rid of unneeded calories like coffee and soda and by exercising and eating healthy foods. There is no cutting corners if you want to lose weight healthily.

What are some possible reasons of having nausea dizziness and weight gain?


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