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No. You might care about both of them a lot, but you only love one of them; most likely your other lover. Someone who you love is the person who you know that you can talk to about anything, anytime. You would trust them with absolutely anything. If you needed someone to tallk to about something serious (something that neither of them are involved with personally), which one would you pick? That's the one you love. Some affairs are entirely physical. Your husband doesn't satisfy you sexually, but your still love him. Or sometime it's the other way around. You may have been satisfied sexually the whole time, but felt like your husband wasn't providing the emotionaal support for you, or you couldn't trust him and open up to him, and then you found someone else who you could talk to and open up to. In this case you love the other guy, and not your husband.

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Q: Is it possible to love two people at the same time such as your husband and a lover?
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Is it possible to be in love with 2 people?

From my experience when your in love with one person and life is happening you meet someone else that is just as great as your significant other but is completely different at the same time, this person has qualities that lover #1 does not have. I am not going to say yes or no because anything is possible but you may be in love with the different qualities that lover #2 has that lover #1 does not.

What to do when you don't see husband as lover and life partner?

think back to the times you were dating- what made you love him? talk with your husband about it

If you were on a date with you favorite actor or actress husband or wife and they love you more than their real lover should you get away from them forever or what?

No you should stay with them forever. Cause they are your true lover if they love you more than there other lover. =P

Is it possible that your husband's love is not the same anymore because he fell in love with his ex mistress?

Yes, as people change so do their emotions.

Is it possible to feel the same love for your lover though you have lost your memory?


Is it right to love a lover more than you love yourself?

It's probably not possible; but it's right to try.

If one decides to stay married for the kids after an affair how can you continue when still in love with your lover?

A word of advice for you break up with your lover. Continue your marriage and see that you will love your husband more than your lover, to avoid the future consequences!!!!. this may not answer your question i mean no one is perfect

I cheated on my husband but im in love with a woman what should I do I have a hard time saying goodbye But he is giving me a deadline of tomorriw to stop seeing my lover?

If you're in love with a women you should pursue that. If you don't love your husband and cheated on him you're only going to be unhappy in the long run. Tell him how you feel before the deadline tomorrow, and continue to see your lover.

Can a husband be in love with wife and another woman?

Yes, but he must choose one or the other. Yes i suppose that is possible..Maybe the wife is there for the emotional support and the lover for the physical side of stuff (sex) or vice versa.

Is being in love deeper than loving?

being in love is different than loving cause you have a special way of showing your lover that you love him or her and you have a different way of showing that you love people other than your lover

Your husband left the house cause he cheated on you and you kicked him out does he love or his lover and does he want to come back?

You don't want him back.

When was Lover I Don't Have to Love created?

Lover I Don't Have to Love was created in 2002.

How is it possible to love two people at the same time?

It is possible to love many people at the same time, and most people do. We have an infinite capacity for love.

How much does mummy love daddy?

Every dad lover her wife too much. After the marriage the priority of husband becomes her wife.

How do you write a love letter to your lover?

Secret lover-loving LOVE LETTERS

Is it normal for a wife to loose her love towards her husband after his affair?

Anything possible

How do you kiss my lover or how to ask her a kiss?

you kiss your lover only if you love them. then if you are in love with her/him and shes/he is in love with you too then ..................glad i can help:)

Do a married man really love his lover?

Define "lover".

What is a Petrachan Lover?

A Petrarchan Lover is one based on the description of a lover in the poems of Francesco Petrarch who described love in terms of being sick with love with an idealised person.

Who is your world?

My world are the people in my life I love such as my children and husband.

How do you get love from your lover?


If you are in love with your husband's best friend and are really attracted to him how do you know if he is attracted to you?

The big problem here is that you have a husband and are in love with someone else. I would worry about that issue more than the possible affair with the friend.

What does a free lover mean?

A free lover is free to love whom he/she loves

How do you say lover in portuguese?

Amante = Lover Amor = Love

What does koibito mean in Japanese?

Lover and can also mean my lover or poetically, my love.