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Is it possible to skip your period on purpose while on birth control?

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Yes, it is possible to skip or delay your period while using birth control pills. I know women who have used this method. However, you should consult your physician before trying it on your own. There are many different types of pills (brands, strengths, levels of hormones, different cycle lenghths, e.g. 21 day vs. 28 day, etc.) and I don't know if the method would work for everyone or every type of pill.

It's easy to call your doctor, clinic or local Planned Parenthood office to make it worth taking any unnecessary risks with your contraceptives.

AnswerSkipping menstrual cycles has been proven to be safe. A woman's body does not feel "cheated" when it does not menstrate, as some believe. The blood you would normally shed during menstruation does not "build up" when you attempt to skip a cycle using birth control.

If you are attempting to skip a cycle, you must be on a monophasic birth control pill. Monophasic pills contain the same amount of hormones in each active pill. Triphasic pills such as Ortho Tri-Cyclen contain a varying amount of hormones in each active pill. The purpose of this is to mimic a woman's natural menstrual cycle. Most women who attempt to use triphasic pills to skip cycles will have a period regardless.

If you are taking a monophasic pill correctly, the lining of your uterus does not build up, thus there is nothing to shed. The bleeding a woman experiences while taking the inactive pills of a monophasic pack is simply what we call rebound or breakthrough bleeding from the absence of hormones. Uterine lining must build up for a true menstrual period to occur.

Please discuss your options with your physician. You may not be on the correct type of pill to be attempting missed cycles.

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Yes, it is possible for your period to be late or stop completely from any hormonal birth control.

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Yes, you can skip your period, on purpose or unexpectedly, when you're on the birth control pill.

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Birth control is the only healthy way of skipping a period. Continous skipping of periods through birth control is not adviseable.

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If you've stopped taking birth control then you will miss a period. Instead you will experience a withdrawal bleed 7-14 days after stopping birth control which resembles your normal period.

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It's possible that changing birth control pills will change the timing of your next period.

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