Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open?

Not to Be Sneezed At

Researchers at Cambridge University in the UK have discovered that blinking when sneezing is a subconscious reaction given by your brain in order to prevent bacteria and debris from making contact with your eyes when sneezing.

Our contributors share their experiences:

  • Yes, it's perfectly physically possible. To all of you who say "Your eyes would pop out," let's try thinking about things before we say them, shall we? What do you think your eye sockets are for? The orbital bones? They're there to keep your eyes in. Your eyes will NOT pop out of your head. If your hard bones can't keep your eyes from popping out, what makes you think eyelids would be able to? If you would like evidence to back all this up, the myth busters did an episode all about this.
  • As a matter of fact, I tried it several times. I once got it, but I was never able to do it again.
  • No. It's a defensive measure. It kinda keeps your eyes in your head. Otherwise they would pop out!!
  • Yes, it's possible; I used to do it all the time when I was little. For others it might be harder, or they may not be able to do it. But for some it is quite easy. (I know I can.)
  • Yes, it is possible and has happened with many people. Although most cannot, there are some who are able to sneeze with their eyes open (see link below).
  • No. Actually, it can cause car crashes when a person's sight is gone for just a couple of seconds.
  • It is completely impossible to do so unless you are an alien.
  • Yes, if you are Chuck Norris.
  • No. If you try to, you will epicly fail.
  • One thing I tried is this: When I feel a sneeze coming on, I close my eyes; then, when I sneeze, I open them. It actually worked very well, and just to confirm it, I retested it - and every time I sneeze, it works.
  • yes every thing is possible i done this once without even trying but now i cant do it even if i do try