Is it possible to trip UP the stairs?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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this will be on failblog by sundown.

Unfortunately, yes. I speak from experience.

Definitely possible. Sometimes people trip on the next step, it happens. I should know.

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Q: Is it possible to trip UP the stairs?
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How many people trip up the stairs daily?


Is it possible to fall up stairs?

Yes, it is. When people trip on a step while going up, that is called 'falling up'.People often misjudge the amount of steps in a staircase. Since most don't look down, they trip over their feet.Agreed, it *is* possible to fall while going up the stairs...I just want to clarify the terminology :)Unless it's a part of speech that i never learned, I have never used the term "falling up".Whenever I(or anyone else that I have ever known, for that matter) have tripped or fallen while going uphill or upstairs, I've always only ever heard the term:"I fell down going up(the stairs/hill, etc)"or "I fell going up", or something to that extentI have *never* heard anyone use the term "falling up" or the phrase "I fell up" or "I fell up the stairs"(but again, that might be just me )In this light, i believe "falling" is the act of succumbing to the force of Gravity, which in almost all cases means "falling down"(not "falling up", which would be floating).i have fallen up stairs many times so yes you can fall up stairs

Is it possible to lead a cow downstairs after leading up?

From what I hear, It is possible to lead a cow up the stairs. But you cannot lead them down!

If you trip on a flight of stairs what superstition it means?

you will have triplets

Is it possible to go up the stairs in celadon mansion?

In Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, it is possible to go up the stairs in Celadon Mansion if you enter through the back. All the way at the top of the mansion, the player can find an Eevee.

What is the prepositional phrase for we walked up the stairs?

up the stairs

Do people fall going upstairs?

Yes, accidental falls going up stairs are very common. However once the fall has begun gravity will pull the victim down the stairs!

Why are stairs used as a opposed to just jumping up to another lever?

It's because no one can jump that high and stairs makes it possible, but it would be a shorter distance to just jump rather than using the stairs.

What is the difference between a man going up the stairs and a man looking up the stairs?

Well, when you look up the stairs, you don't move your legs. When you walk up the stairs, you do

What is the opposite of up the stairs?

The opposite of up the stairs is down the stairs, as the opposite of upstairs is downstairs.

What is the difference between a man going up stairs and a man looking up the stairs?

One is stepping up the stairs, the other is staring up the steps.

How many stairs make up the Breakneck Stairs of Quebec City?

There are 59 steps that make up Breakneck stairs