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Yes, if you have a CD drive.

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In the poem silver why has the poem used casements instead of windows?

Is it because it was more professional of him to write that instead of windows or was that his language im stuck on my homework please help mee :( "/ ?

How do you fix windows media player to burn videos?

Not possible. Just use Windows movie maker instead.

You try to download flash 9 ActiveX but it tells you to download flash 10 instead?

That's because Flash 10 is the newer version. Unless you have an supported operating system, such as Windows 98 / ME, there's no reason not to download version 10 instead.

What is the advantage of upgrading to windows XP professional instead of performing a new installation?

It maintains existing settings and applications.

What are the steps for installing windows media player on a mac?

Windows Media Player for Mac was last updated in 2010, and is no longer available for download and installation. Instead, one can use Windows Media Components for QuickTime by Flip4Mac which is available for download through the Microsoft website in place of Windows Media Player for Mac.

Why won't windows movie maker 2.6 open on windows 7?

Windows 7 uses Windows Live Movie Maker (and Essentials product). You have to download the 2.6 version of the program if you wish to use it instead of the 'Live' version.

How do you burn a DVD on window media player?

You can't; use Windows Movie Maker instead; it is a free download from Microsoft.

Can your computer run properly without windows?

instead of windows you can have linux or mac. they are different, but you will know whats best for you when you try them, linux is free to download.but you need an operating system (windows, mac, linux or any other OS) for the computer to work

How do I upgrade to Windows XP service pack 2?

There are a couple ways to do this. One is to simply enable Windows Update. Windows Update will automatically download and install the latest updates, which would include the latest service pack. The other is to download the latest service pack manually from Microsoft's website. Note that the latest service pack for Windows XP is now Service Pack 3, so you should download that instead for maximum security and bug fixes.

How do you use the XP Professional backup of files on your CD-RW instead of a floppy?

Windows Backup will not allow a direct backup to a CD - instead you will have to save the backup file somewhere else and then you can copy it to a CD.

Do you have to have a MacBook to have an iPad?

The iPad can be used in conjunction with any modern Mac or Windows computer: The official requirements are: Mac system requirements ▪ Mac computer with USB 2.0 port ▪ Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later ▪ iTunes 9.1 or later (free download from ▪ iTunes Store account ▪ Internet access Windows system requirements ▪ PC with USB 2.0 port ▪ Windows 7; Windows Vista; or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later ▪ iTunes 9.1 or later (free download from ▪ iTunes Store account ▪ Internet access NOTE: The Motorola Xoom has better specs than the iPad, you may want to try that instead as it is more compatible with a PC.

Is it worth it to pay for expensive photo workshops?

NO. Download Gimp instead; it has similar features as something like Photoshop, and the best part is: it's free. Google it, download it, and use it instead, because it will work on both a Mac or Windows, just make sure you get the right version for you and for your computer.

Is it okay to download Windows OS and ms office and its activator this site is it legal they said that it was ok. they have all windows operating systems and Microsoft products and?

Being a professional, I would advise against it. Microsoft allows one to download the ISOs of their operating system installation discs directly from them at, so I would use that instead. This way, you know you are getting the real, unadulterated (read: virus-free) software rather than something that may not be as trustworthy from an unknown source.

How do you change Windows XP 64 bit to Windows XP 32 bit?

You install XP 32 bit and use that instead of 64. Also it is possible to have two windows installed at the same time and select one or the other at boot time.

Can I keep windows 8.1 instead of windows 10?

A Windows 10 upgrade is not required; you may keep Windows 8.1

Why would one download Windows XP for free when they could pay for it?

There are no legal ways of downloading Windows XP for free. People may choose to go the illegal way and pirate it instead of paying for it, simply, because they can't afford it.

Windows shortcut keys?

Windows has many shortcut keys that can be used instead of the mouse when working in Windows.

How do you download the Windows 7 cloud?

You don't, cloud computing is remote computing where everything is on the company servers instead of your own computer, which means you lose control of your data locally.

Download Tax Software Instead!?

Want to fill out your tax forms but will not have access to the internet in the future to do this? Download your tax software instead, and do it offline! Tax software is light and quick to download, and you will not need to have the internet to get your tax forms done. Thus, you will have the option of doing your taxes anywhere you want, making tax filing possible whenever you have a free moment or two.

How do you make Windows boot first instead of Linux?

By configuring the bootloader to use Windows as the default menu option instead of Linux. Refer to documentation on how to do this.

What is the importance of DOS in Windows?

Many command is easy to run from command prompt instead of windows.. For example, checking connectivity between two computer is easy with DOS (with "ping" command) instead of Windows..

Can you install Windows Vista instead of Windows XP?

As long as the computer meets the system requirements for Windows Vista, yes.

Can you download windows xp home edition recovery disks on a CD instead of floppy when you don't have a floppy drive?

Any Windows XP install CD can be used for repair purposes. The only reason to use floppies is if your computer does not support booting from a CD drive.

When a movie is downloaded from LimeWire and it goes to windows media player how do you get the movie to show because it just shows the colorful colors instead of the movie film?

You need to download whats called a codec

Is Windows Neptune a myth?

Not at all. Windows Neptune was the codename for a home operating system based on Windows 2000 Professional. The project unfortunately couldn't be finished in time, and so Windows ME was released instead. Many of the ideas found in Windows Neptune were later integrated into Windows XP. An alpha ISO was leaked onto the internet, and can still be found on some warez sites. The system is quite buggy and unstable, however, so it serves as little more than a curiosity and an interesting footnote in Windows history.