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No. However, if you remove the hard drive, it can be used as a regular hard drive in a computer.

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Q: Is it possible to use a PlayStation 2 as an external hard drive for a PC?
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Can you use an external hard drive and a security camera?

I would like to have an external hard drive to store our recorded videos. Is that possible?

What are some good alternatives to a Samsung external hard drive?

There are a number of possible alternatives to a Samsung external hard drive. One could get an external drive from Western Digital, Toshiba or Seagate.

Where can a person learn how to install a computer external hard drive?

A computer external hard drive is a storage device that is connected externally to a computer. It is possible to learn how to install a computer external hard drive though websites such as eHow, or by attending an appropriate college course.

Disadvantages of an external hard drive?

Disadvantages of an external hard drive

Internal hard drive to external hard drive?

if you want to know if you can go from internal hard drive to external hard drive, then the answer is yes. you can purchase an internal hard drive and external hard drive

Does an external hard drive require constant power?

Commonly, external hard drives will acquire power from the computer it is connected to. It is possible, though, to connect external hard drives to an outlet and permanently to the computer, replacing the previous hard drive, though I highly do not recommend such.

Is the maxtor basics 500GB external hard drive compatible with the playstation 3?

Yes but it has to be formated as Fat32. By Default it is NFTS

What's the fastest type of external hard drive?

The fastest type of external hard drive would be a external 3.0 USB hard drive.

Why can't a playstation 3 work without a hard disk drive?

The PlayStation 3 is not designed to work without a hard drive. When the hard drive is worn out after many rewrites, the PlayStation 3 will no longer function and the hard drive should be replaced.

What is difference between external hard drive and external backup drive?

An external hard drive is an actual hard drive that connects to the computer through and USB port. And external backup drive can be a storage unit as to where files are uploaded.

How do you back up my hard drive?

You get another memory storage device, such as an external hard drive, and you copy everything on your hard drive onto the external hard drive, and keep it safe. That way, if your hard drive crashes, then you can take it out, and plug your external hard drive in, and work from that.

How can you transfer the hard drive from your external hard drive to your computer?

Hard drives in external disk drives are simply standard drives so it is possible to unscew them and put them in a pc. However it would be easier to buy a standard internal drive and copy the data across

Do the Jonas Brothers like Hawk Nelson?

Is it possible to plug an external hard drive into a recordering DVD player and recorded tv on to the Hard drive.

Where can one buy a terabyte external hard drive?

One can buy a terabyte external hard drive at a store or on the Internet. Some stores you buy an external hard drive at is Wal-Mart and Best Buy. You can also go on Amazon to get an external hard drive.

What is a internal and external hard drive?

A hard drive on a computer is the part that stores all of your saved data. The difference between internal and external hard drives is that an internal hard drive is inside the casing of your computer and an external hard drive is on the outside.

Is it possible to insert external drive that connects to your computer using a usb cable while the computer is turned on?

It is fully possible to connect an external hard drive to the computer using a USB cable while the computer is on, assuming that the hard drive is designed to work that way. However, care must be taken when disconnecting the hard drive from the computer again. If you unplug the hard drive without using the "Remove hardware safely" function you may end up losing data or in the worst case scenario ruin your hard drive.

Is it possible to install an operating system on external storage device without installing internal hard drive?

if it is an external SATA drive then yes, otherwise it is not suggested and rarely works.

How do you completely clear your external hard drive?

You can completely clear your external hard drive by formatting it.

What are some of the benefits of the Lacie external hard drive?

Some of the benefits of the Lacie External Hard Drive are that one can take the External Hard Drive to wherever one need it, also that these External Hard Drives are practical and easy to take since they are small.

What is the volume label of an external hard drive?

The volume label of an external hard drive refers to the string, which shows before the drive letter if you were to look at the drive using My Computer. For instance, if it is written External Drive:E, then the label is External Drive.

What is t in external hard drive?

The external hard drive is a great way of backing up your data.

Where can one get repair services for an external hard drive?

you can go to the service center of your external hard drive.

What would I need an external hard drive for?

There are many benefits of having an external hard drive. One of the best parts of an external hard drive is that you can take your personal files anywhere. This means that you can plug your hard drive into any computer, and see your stuff.

In what part of the computer is the external hard drive located?

Actually, the external hard drive is not located in the computer. It is an external hard drive, which means it is on the outside of the computer. It is plugged into the computer's USB port with a cord.

Can you increase the storage capacity of DVR?

If your DVR has an eSATA or Firewire port on the back, it is sometimes possible to attach a regular external hard drive for computers to it to expand the storage space. After formatting the external hard drive for the DVR, your DVR is most likely to restart recording TV shows into either its internal hard drive or external that you attached depending on which has more available storage space. Consult with your DVR's owner's manual. Note that you will not be able to take out the recordings from the external hard drive using a computer as the external hard drive has to be formatted FOR the DVR in such a way that the computer cannot see / access it.