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Is it possible to use your PS2 through your PC when the PC is booted up?

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Is is possible to use a PS2 mouse in a PS2 keyboard port?

No, it will cause malfunction or in some computers, will not allow the computer to turn on.

Can you use ps2 component cables through composite?

I don't see how

Is it possible to use an Original xbox controller on the PS3 if you use a xbox to ps2 converter and then a ps2 to PS3 converter?

I would go with a NO, PS2 converters dont work that well n/e way and i dont see it happen, sorry

If you use cheats on Pokemon indigo will you get booted off?

Not that i am aware of.

How can you hook up a ps2 controller to the ps3 with out an adapter?

No it is not possible to hook up a PS2 controller to a PS3 without an converter. The PS3 was never designed to use PS2 controllers, and even with a converter the controller will not feature all of the functions of the PS3 controller. It may be possible to rig a PS2 controller to work without a bulky converter, but you would have to build it yourself.

Can ps2 accessories work on PC for example a steering wheel?

The Steering Wheel is not a Sony PS2 product, but one made for the PS2. Different Manufactures have made products that may work on more than just the PS2 through use of adaptors

Can you use a caseless umd ona ps2?

Of course not. A PS2 is a PS2, not a PSP.

Can you use a ps2 controller on a PC?

Yes you can use a PS2 controller into a PC by buying a PS2 to USB connector. This is a connector that tricks the controller into thinking its a PS2.

Can you use a ps3 headset on ps2?

no PS2 does not have Bluetooth

Can you use singstar on your computer I do not have a ps2 and i don?

No It is for PS2

Can you use a ps2 power cord for a ps1?

the larger ps2 you can ...yes not the slim ps2

Can you use video game tycoon games on PS2?

a PS2 plays PS2 games

Can you use ps2 remotes on a PS3?

There is no way to use a PS2 controller on a standard PS3.

Is it possible to play psp ps2 or ps3 games in PC?

You could use an emulator to complete a PS2 game, but it is not playing the game like a PS2 console allows you to do and there are so many titles that do not play well. Really all you are doing is trying to turn your PC into a PS2 and you can only do that with a PS2 bios loaded into your PC. PS3 are not able to be played.

How do you get the gas mod on ps2?

I believe you cannot use mods on the PS2, because you have to download them on a PC. You can use cheat codes on the PS2 though.

Use PSP 2000 as a PS2 controller?

No it does not work for PS2

Can you use a PS2 looking controller on a PS2 system?

It must actually be a PS2 controller for it to work

How do you connect a PS2 through a media center PC to play on an LCD monitor?

Connecting a PS2 Through a Media Centeri doubt that is even possible, but you can buy a VGABOX to connect the ps2 to a FPD. or you can build your own vga cable if your electronic savvy by going here to get the playstation pinout but after that's built, you will have to use a lm1881 Sync Seperator to separate the Sync on green line. and go here for that

Is it possible to use a ps3 controller for a pcsx2 ps2 emulator?

I'm not sure if you can use the PS3 Sixaxis or the Dualshock 3. But the XBox360's controller surely works.

Can you use your Old Ps2 guitar for Guitar Hero Metallica?

if its on PS2

Can you use ps1 joystick to ps2 console?

you should be able to, since you can use a ps1 controller on a ps2

Can you use a ps2 controler to play PC games?

no you can not use a ps2 controler to play a PC game

What could be wrong with your PlayStation 2 it will played video games but not DVDs?

It is possible that nothing is wrong with your PS2; the DVDs are simply the wrong region. You can mod your PS2 or use a region disk if you want to be able to watch the DVDs.

Can you use Guitar Hero drums for PS2 for Guitar Hero for wii?

No you can only use the PS2 drums for PS2 because PS2 drums aren't compatible for Wii or any other console besides PS3

How do you play the PS2 games through your PC with DVD ROM?

First of all your ps2 needs to be modded, or else you won't be able to play at all. Basically you use a DVD burning program such as alcohol120% to burn the iso onto a DVD. Then you put it into your ps2 and you can play