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Google Earth is available for Android and iPhone mobile phones. For iPhone or iPad you can visit the AppStore to download Google Earth. Google Earth for mobile is currently available on Android devices running Android OS 2.1 or newer. Note: Not all features are available on all devices.

See mobile support for Google Earth (and Google Maps) in related links below.

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Which is better the Google Maps app or Google Earth app?

Google Earth and Google Maps are two mapping applications each with their own strengths. Google Maps is a web application that runs in a web browser, and Google Earth is a desktop or mobile application. Sometimes Google Maps is better for a given situation (e.g. finding directions) and other times Google Earth is better if you want a more emersive virtual tour of a mountainous terrain. Google Earth can directly plugin to a GPS device showing the location in 3-D view. Over the years Google has blurred the line between Google Maps and Google Earth making it easy to switch from one to another. Primarily Google Earth gives you a 3-D view while Google Maps gives a user a 2-D view, but you can switch to a Google Earth plugin view from Google Maps for the 3-D view. Likewise, you can switch to Google Maps from a given view in Google Earth.

What are the different views in Google Maps?

Google Maps has following different views:Map ViewSatellite ViewEarth View (*)Street View(*) Note Earth View is using the Google Earth API, which is basically running Google Earth within the web browser as a plugin.

Why did street view disappear with Google Earth 6?

Here is one of Google's announcements of ending Street View support for Google Earth versions 5.x and older. "With the most recent update to Google Earth (6.2), we are also finalizing our transition to a new method of delivering Street View imagery in Google Earth. This means, that the older versions of Google Earth (anything before 6.0) will no longer be able to access Street View. We held off making this change until now, when the vast majority of Google Earth users are on 6.0 (or later)." -- Google Jan 2012. Basically, Google decided to improve the Street View interfaces which would be implemented in the current versions of Google Earth for desktop and mobile platforms rather than keep supporting the older (less efficient) method of accessing Street View.

How old are the images on Google street view?

From my view google earth chenges the street view every year..

How do you activate Street View on galaxy y s5360?

There is currently on Street View for Google Earth app on Android or iOS mobile devices but you can get Street View using the appropriate Maps app on viewing Google Maps via the device's web browser.

Where is the Google Earth toolbar?

The toolbar can be toggled on/off in the View menu of Google Earth.

What is Earth View?

Earth view is a feature in Google Maps (available since 2010) that allows you to see the same high-resolution imagery, terrain, and 3D buildings that are available in the desktop version of Google Earth.Earth view mode in Google Maps is only available to those that have installed Google Earth. It uses the Google Earth plugin in your web browser.

What site can you view street view?

Google Maps from the web browser and Google Earth from the desktop can view Street View. you can also view traffic.

Who invented Street View?

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth launched in 2007.

How do you go on the actual Earth on Google Earth?

you look at google earth and type in 'earth locations" No, it's View->Explore->Earth

Google space pictures of earth?

Google Earth and Google Maps are great tools to view high-resolution satellite imagery of the Earth.

How do you get to street view on Bing maps?

by google map or google earth

What is Google Earth and Google Maps?

Google Earth is a 3D earth viewer (run as desktop or mobile application) and Google Maps is a web-based 2-D map viewer with street and satellite views.For desktop platforms, Google Earth is a standalone application that first must be installed while Google Maps is run from a web browser. Client apps exist for both on some mobile platforms so that the distinction between the two gets blurred.Both Google Earth and Google Maps share the same Google global imagery database with satellite and aerial imagery including Street View photographs.

What is Google satellite compared to Google Maps and Google Earth?

"Google satellite" gives you, as the name says it, a satellite view of an area. This feature is integrated into Google Maps and Google Earth. The Maps' satellite view is not in real time, however.

How do you use Street View on Google Earth?

In Google Earth v6 you drag the new orange "pegman" icon (found near the navigation controls) onto the map to enter Street View. As of Jan 2012 Google has discontinued Street View support in Google Earth 5.2 and earlier.

Where can one view live images on Google Earth?

One can view live images on Google Earth by clicking on the 'Satellite' button when in Google Earth. This opens a live satellite image link to the area one is interested in.

What are the different ways in which one can study the geography of India using Google Earth?

A person can view current geography of India using Google Earth. One can also see past images, as well as tour buildings. One can use their desktop, laptop, tablet and even their mobile phone to view.

How do you search satellite view of earth?

Down load Google Earth

Where do I get a street view other than Google?

on Google earth but you have to download it first

How can you view Google Earth in the year 2000?

Google Earth Desktop application has a Historical Imagery view to display imagery from previous years. Historical Imagery can be enabled in the View menu of Google Earth or Google Earth Pro.Enable Historical Imagery then a time slider will appear on top-left showing the available times for imagery. Check if the year 2000 is included in the time slider and pick that time to change the time of the displayed imagery. Imagery in one area (city, country, etc.) for a given time does not guarantee imagery is available in another area.Historical Imagery is not available on the mobile Google Earth app.

How do you email a view in Google Earth?

Open File menu in Google Earth and select "Email" with two options: 1) Email view and 2) Email image. Select Email view to e-mail a KMZ file of the view which will lauch in Google Earth at the destination or select Email image to e-mail an screenshot image of the current view.

How can you update photos at Street View?

When Google updates it street view photos in its image database then these updates are made available to Google Maps and Google Earth.

Is Google Street View not working?

Google recently stopped support for Street View in versions of Google Earth older than 6.0. This means that Google Earth 5.1, 5.2, and older no longer access the Street View layer. Google announced that with the most recent update to Google Earth (6.2), it finalized the transition to a new method of delivering Street View imagery in Google Earth and dropped the older method of delivery in older versions of Google Earth (anything before 6.0). Download the latest Google Earth version to access the Street View imagery and other new features at related link below. Note the new preview version of Google Maps had removed the Orange "pegman" icon used to activate Street View, which made many users report that Street View was broken. The "pegman" icon has been recently added back due to popular demand.

What is the difference between Google maps and Google earth?

Google Earth is a 3D earth viewer (run as desktop application) and Google Maps is a web browser-based 2-D map viewer. Both share the same Google global imagery database with satellite and aerial imagery including Street View photographs.Google Maps is now integrated with Google Earth both with the web-browser plugin version of Google Earth embedded in the browser with the 'Earth' view button.Likewise as of Google Earth 6.0 in the File menu you can now select 'View in Google Maps'. This new integration blurs the line between the two products.

Can you view Google Maps history and how long ago?

Google Maps does not provide the historical imagery view feature that is available in Google Earth. To see past imagery you must use Google Earth. See related details in link below.