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YES, but u need to be back in less than 6months or the Green Card wont be valid anymore,i had the same question before too

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โˆ™ 2005-12-09 12:54:12
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Q: Is it possible to visit with a green card and foreign passport?
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What document do you need to visit foreign countries?

You need a Passport.

Do Mexicans need a passport to visit the US?

Yes, Mexico is a foreign country.

How do you visit a foreign country?

You can travel there by any means, but legally you must have a passport.

If you have US green card do you need a Visa or Passport to visit Saipan?

no . you don't need it.

Do you need a passport to visit Kenya?

do i need a passport to visit Kenya

What document do you need before leaving the US for visit as green card holder?

you will need a passport

Does A BangladesH Passport holder having US green card need Visa to visit Cambodia as a tourist?

Does a Bangladesh Passport holder having USA Green Card need tourist visa for Cambodia

Can you get your passport if you have a green card?

You may be able to obtain a passport from your country of citizenship, but not from the country that has issued you a green card: passports identify and verify citizenship. Visit your country's consulate if you're not living in your country of citizenship, or the passport office in your country of citizenship to verify your rights to a passport. It will be important to disclose that you are holding a green card from another country.

What countries can Sri Lankan passport holders with green cards visit without visa?

united kingdom

Can a person visit the Dominican Republic with US green card?

In order to travel to or visit the Dominican Republic, the first essential document a traveller requires is a valid passport from their home country. Other documents are secondary to the passport.

Can I get a passport form on line to DFA Batangas?

For DFA on line passport appointment system and application as well as form downloads, please visit the official website of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

When was your last visit to the passport agency?

One can find their last visit to the passport agency by finding the date when their passport was issued to them. This information is normally found directly on the passport.

What do you do if you have lost your foreign passport?

Contact the nearest branch of the embassy of the country that issued the passport. Or visit the United States Department of State, for a list of the contact information for all embassies.

Do you need a passport or visa to visit china?

You need both a passport and a visa to visit China.

Will you need a passport to visit Canada?

Tourists wishing to visit Canada need a valid passport.

If you live in the US do you need a visa or passport to go to Mexico?

In the past, you never needed a passport to visit Mexico if you lived in the U.S. But i have been reading in the news that the U.S. will be requiring everyone to have a passport to leave the country, no matter where you are going, wheather it be Mexico or any other foreign country. In regard to Mexico, I am not sure if you do need a passport to visit that country at this time, but will be required soon, if it is not already.

Does a Canadian need a passport to visit England?

Yes, a Canadian needs a valid passport to visit England.

Will you need a passport to visit cork from the UK?

as a uk resident do i need a passport to visit the republic of ireland

Do you need a passport to visit dublin?

That will depend on your own nationality and where you are initially travelling from. Contact your department of foreign affairs, or the Irish one for more information.

Can a Vietnamese passport holder get a long term visa to Bahrain?

she is American residented (green card)and vietnames passport.can she visit Canada

Us green card holder needs visa to visit Europe?

The Green Card is irrelevant. Whether you need a visa for the various countries of Europe depends entirely on your nationality and that of your passport.

Do you need a passport to visit the US from Nigeria?

You need a passport to go anywhere.

Do you need a passport to visit a dentist in Mexico?

No, but you will need a passport to get back into the US.

If you are from UK do you need a passport to visit France?

Yes, you will need to show your passport.

Do you need a passport from weymouth to jersey?

Not unless you need a passport to visit Weymouth.