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No, the proper title is the Missionaries of Charity. Informally, I suppose, Missionaries of Mother Teresa would be okay.

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What did the Bible say about Mother Teresa?

Nothing. Mother Teresa was born over 1800 years after the Bible was written.

Who was the best friend of Mother Teresa?

I'm sure Mother Teresa would say that God was her best friend.

What did Mother Teresa say about dying with dignity?

In the words of Mother Teresa,"Death with dignity is to die with grace, in the knowledge that [you] are loved.

Did Mother Teresa say 'If you judge people you have no time to love them' in a speech?

Yes, that quote is attributed to Mother Teresa. For more quotes from Mother Teresa, see the link below.

What brave attack did Mother Teresa do in 1982?

A:In 1982, during a ceasefire in Lebanon, Mother Teresa crossed the Green Line between the Christian and Muslim communities, to help bring some disabled children back into the Christian sector. Some say Mother Teresa simply prayed for this ceasefire, others say she brokered the ceasefire, while others say that Mother Teresa had no involvement but might have been aware of an impending ceasefire.

When did Mother Teresa discover God?

I suppose it would be correct to say that Mother Teresa 'discovered' God on the day of her baptism on August 27, 1910, the day after she was born.

Is it true to say that Mother Teresa became a nun with the missionary Loretto Sisters of Ireland?

Mother Teresa was originally a sister with the Loreto Sisters and studied English in Ireland.

Did Mother Teresa say anything about God?

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~ Mother Teresa

What did God say to Mother Teresa?

I'm not sure exactly what God said, but this is what happened: In 1946 there was murderous riots in India. Mother Teresa says that God spoke to her and asked her to help the poor people who were suffering.

What tragic incident happened when Mother Teresa was eight years of age?

When Mother Teresa was 7 or 8 years of age, her father died under mysterious circumstances. Some say he was poisoned by political enemies.

How many kids did Mother Teresa take care of?

Mother Teresa took care of many children in her life time. There`s not an exact number of kids she took care of. All I can say is that she took care of thousands of children.

Can you say Mother Teresa was a freedom fighter?

no we cannot. she was a social ctivist, her main aim being treating the wounded.

Was Mother Teresa abandoned?

For most of her adult life, Mother Teresa could not feel God's presence, one could say that she felt as if He had abandoned her. This is actually rather common with the founders of religious orders and saints: God wishes them to rely entirely on the virtue of faith.

How do you say mother in Zimbabwean?

Zimbabwe speaks English but some people dont know how to. So the proper way to say mother in Shona (that is the Zimbabwean language) is amai.

How do you say Teresa is 15 years old in Spanish?

You would say "Teresa tiene quince años."

Did Mother Teresa kill herself?

No, she died of a heart attack, a natural cause. However, some might say she worked herself to death.

Did Mother Teresa predict the end of the world?

no she didnt say end of the world but as a symbol of everythings end she said world will end but not sure when

How do you say the name Teresa in Polish?

It is the same :Teresa , you would say it something like Te-ra-sa

What does artist Teresa villegas say people do at the beginning of the celebration?

what does teresa villegas say people do at the beginning of the celebration

Was Mother Teresa honest?

There are many shades of honesty, and even a saint should be subject to honest scrutiny.It is no doubt true that Mother Teresa was honest in that she never actually stole. It may be true that she never told a lie, although surely everyone does sometimes. Nevertheless, on these scores, we can say that Mother Teresa was surely honest.Christopher Hitchens says that money donated to help the poor and for Mother Teresa's hospices was instead used to open new convents and to undertake missionary work. If true, this claim shows Mother Teresa to have been far from honest. Money donated for the specific purpose of helping the poor and suffering must be used for that purpose, no matter how important Mother Teresa perceived her religious work to be. Collete Livermore, a former nun in Mother Teresa's order, appears to support Hitchens' assertion.

Who did Mother Teresa rush to bring medicine to?

Mother Teresa was neither a doctor nor a nurse and had no access to medicines to take to anyone. She provided comfort and care to the dying.AnswerIn the aftermath of the accident in 1990, when two people were killed by the ambulance in which Mother Teresa was travelling, the office of the Missionaries of Charity said she had taken medicines to the hospital run by her order, but did not say whether the medicines were urgent or for which patient they were intended. In any case, the policy of the order was to provide comfort and care, not to save lives by providing medicines. At the time of the accident, Mother Teresa was travelling home in the ambulance, so there was no urgency.

Should the word mother be capitilized?

Depends on how you are using it. If you are saying mother, like "Mother just left," then yes because you are using it in the form of a name. If you say"My mother" then no, because it is not a proper noun.

How do you say Teresa in Japanese?

テリーサ (Teriisa)

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