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If there is insurance coverage on the At Fault vehicle, there should be no reason to file small claims. If the at-fault party does not have insurance, then small claims is an option.

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Q: Is it realistic to take someone to small claims court for damages in an auto accident?
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What is a claims adjuster used for?

A claims adjuster inspects claims of damages made after an accident. They are usually hired by an insurance company, but can also be hired privately. It is their job to figure out who is at fault, and how much damages should be rewarded.

Will the insurance company pay for damages or injury claims if the policy was canceled days after you got in an accident?

As long as the policy was in effect at the time the accident occurred then coverage will be afforded and damages will be paid.

What do you do if someone borrowed your uninsured car without permission and was at fault in an accident?

Take them to small claims court for the damages. If they didn't have permission, you should have reported it stolen and had them arrested.

How long do you have to file a claim with an uninsured motorist after an accident?

You have 2 years to take him to small claims court to recover your damages.

Where can someone go for accident claim advice?

The best places to go for accident claim advice will depend on the type of accident. For car accidents there are several attorneys who specialize in accident claims.

If you rear end someone and you are going only fifteen miles per hour what damages are there?

There are two main types of damages in the UK following a road traffic accident. Financial losses known as special damages, which would include vehicle damage and general damages for pain and suffering if a personal injury, such as a whiplash injury. For a full list of all the types of compensation that can be claimed and the UK claims process please see the related links.

Should you sue your employer in a slip and fall accident?

the question is, how did you acquire your accident? if you believe that the accident was caused by someone else negligence or of a faulty machinery, yes! you can sue your employer and can file for an accident at work claims.

If you have an accident making a left turn on a green light and it was considered your fault but the person of the other car was not suppose to be driving is their insurance liable for your damages?

No. In this discussing this with another person we came to the conculsion that you are still liable for the damages. We did think that you could take them to small claims court to collect for damages since they were not suppose to be driving.

Where can one find lawyers who handle bicycle accident claims?

One could find lawyers who handle bicycle accident claims from many different places. Some of the places in which one can find lawyers who handle bicycle accident claims are newspapers, or magazines.

What to do if the insurance company refuses to pay sufficient car damages?

I would take the person who caused your accident to small claims court. Make sure you have all your paper work in order and can state your case.

What kind of cases does the US Court of Federal Claims hear?

Claims for monetary damages against the US Government.

In 1982 Congress established the to handle claims against the us for money damages?

U.S. Court of Federal Claims

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