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Is it right for marijuana to be used to help sick patients?

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yes, if it help. Why not? Yes!! In British Columbia Canada there is a clinic that does give Marijuana to patients with diseases such as cancer and are taking Radiation, Chemo or both. It is suppose to help nausea and some pain levels. Some patients like it while others don't. It can be given in pill form (not as effective) but some patients who are non smokers refuse to smoke it. The Clinic is legal and gives documentation to the patient (and they must carry this documentation with them at all times) in case they are pulled over by the police. It says for "Medicinal purposes, etc." Yes, there are medicinal values to marijuana (THC), it helps with chronic pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, etc. It's prohibition is a political issue. There are many more dangerous and addictive drugs that are used daily by the medical community, such as opium derivatives. Marijuana can be psychologically addictive but not physically addictive. There are no known long term health problems other than short term memory loss. Some states and countries have decriminalized it's use, others are more conservative.

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What are the roles and responsibilities of a doctor?

the role of a doctor is to help sick patients!

Can you become sick after smoking too much marijuana?

Yes, some people do get sick from the effects of smoking and/or the marijuana.

Can you smoke marijuana if sick?

yes but it needs to be subscribed

Can you get sick from taking two hits of marijuana?

you may get high but probably not sick depending on the strain

Can marijuana help the flu bug?

Yes, for me atleast. I'm sick as hell and I just smoked a bowl after about 4 days of not smoking cause I was so sick and I cannot even explain how much it helped me out.

Can the smell of marijuana make you sick?

depends if you like the smell ,but no

How can you break a fever?

Drink airborne right when you feel sick. It help really well

How can rainforests help people that are sick?

a rainforest can provide many sorts of medical sources such as anti biotical liquids, panodol, nurofen tarol that can help cancer patients and many more.

Is it illegal to get sick?

It is your birth right to get sick. If it is illegal to get sick, then human right is violated.

Is it dangerous to be around a chemotherapy patients?

Absolutely not. You don't want to be around any patients while you are sick, they're immune systems are weak from Chemo and they can get sick a lot easier.

What is synthetic marijuana-?

Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug that has the same effects of cannabis. This is usually give to people that are sick by a doctor.

Why do doctors examine patients?

to make sure they aren't sick

Can dogs die from eating marijuana?

No, they'll just get sick and/or high.

Can marijuana heal you if you are sick?

If you are nauseous. YES. Alcohol hangover? YES.

How long does it take to get marijuana out of your system and unborn child's system?

You are SICK

Can a person get physically sick from inhaling second hand marijuana smoke?


Do cats go crazy from smoking marijuana?

no they really sick though

What are the results of smoking marijuana?

very bad, it can cause you to be sick and die

How do you feel about medical weed growing in clark county?

Like it should be mandatory. Not only will it help many sick people, but the marijuana plants will clean the air significantly.

Can you get sick by ingesting marijuana without cooking it?

You can't get sick from ingesting marijuana without cooking it as far as I know. But there are so many awesome recipes I've found that I would always prefer to cook it now.

Is it dangerous to be around radiation patients?

When sick people are treated with radiation, that does not make them radioactive. Radiation is dangerous, but radiation patients are not.

Who generally uses marijuana?

it can be used for two thing to get high or for sick people

How can you get a medical marijuana card if you have depression?

Getting a medical marijuana card is hard. You have to be really sick and told by many doctors that you need the card.

How do you get rid of the marijuana smell?

Bring some cologne or perfume to school. If that doesn't help...try staying away from those people. You can get sick from second- hand smoking anyway!

What are the harmful effect of cannabis marijuana?

None whatsoever. Look.up death tolls for other drugs, then look it up for marijuana. Nobody has ever died or gotten sick from marijuana. Its a plant, its natural