Is it right to call your teacher teacher?


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Yes if it's okay with the teacher, especially if you're in kindergarten and can't remember your teacher's name. No if it's not okay with the teacher. I would ask first. It may be disrespectful. If the teacher says okay, be ready to be called student, green shirt boy, etc.


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no a teacher can not call you dumb because it is you right to not be abused in any way but its your responsibility to mot call the teacher anything or make her/him annoyed in a way.

Depending on the rules of you school and the schoolboard, your teacher may or may not have the right to take the phone and answer the call if it is during school and it is interrupting a class. In most cases though the teacher will just ask you to hand over the phone.

Language Art teacher, or an English teacher.

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You call your teacher in Japan , Sensei ( ใ›ใ‚“ใ›ใ„ )

Yes you should call your teacher,teacher and tell her what your name is because she might not know who it is, because if your absent she will not know who you are.

you call it an teaching hijacker

TCH is the abbreviation of teacher. Some call teachers "teach" but this is slang.

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Luke 6:40 A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

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A mentor. Guide. Friend. Teacher. Preacher. Could be any of these. You would really know best.

no, they do not have the right to call you names.

Teacher supervision is when a teacher oversees and supervises something to make sure everything is going right and in order.

You can start by spelling the word teacher right. lol

Possibly a Teacher Trainer, or a Teacher Educator.For more information, see Related links below.I believe the Japanese term is Hanshi.

Rabi, which means teacher.

Sensei. (Pronounced Sense-A)

Anything, he/she can't hear you.

Sir or ma'am is appropriate.

Kapeacha - its a sign of respect

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