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No there are no risks. Every woman carries their baby different. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and carry low too. Every morning I can barely make it out of bed because the pressure down there is painful. It's nothing to worry about! Stacey

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โˆ™ 2003-12-14 11:29:51
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Q: Is it safe to be carrying your baby down on your pelvic bone at 5 months?
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At 14 weeks pregnant where in the stomach is the baby postioned?

At 14 weeks pregnant the baby is still positioned mostly behind the pelvic bone. The growth of a uterus at 14 weeks gestation is about a inch above the top of the pelvic bone.

What bone is the pelvis?

The pelvic bone

Is the willie part of the pelvic bone?

The penis is a soft tissue structure and is not part of the pelvic bone.

What part of the femur articulates with the pelvic bone?

The head of the femur articulates with the acetabulum of the pelvic bone.

What bone is located beneath the rib cage?

The pelvic bone is below the rib cage.

What bone protects the ovaries?

pelvic bone

Which bone is the largest in the skeleton?

pelvic bone

Which is an example of a vestigial structure?

tailbone of a human whale pelvis bone

What bone is the anterior bone of the pelvic girdle?

The hipbones are united anteriorly at a joint called the pelvic symphysis

What is a pelvic bone?

the hip bone of a person or animal

Where do hemoglobin synthesize?

bone marrow. pelvic bone.

Where is the pelvic bone located?

Your pelvic region is the lower part of your abdomen and is the bone that your legs attach to. It is also the bone that you feel in your hips and is also known as your 'hip bone'.

How big is you belly when 5 months pregnant?

usually when your 5 months pregnant the measurement from your breast bone down to the pelvic bone is 20 cm. it is my belief that the baby bump usually grows 1cm every week of pregnancy so by the time you are full term your bump should be around 40cm, although each pregnancy is different and measurements can be different depending on the size of your baby.

What can result from the ovaries rubbing against the pelvic bone?

It is physically impossible for the ovaries to rub against the pelvic bone.

Is a males pelvic bone heavier than a females pelvic bone?

All the bones in males are heavier than females, including the pelvic bone. This is due the effect of male hormone called as testesterone.

Where is the pelvic located?

I think the pelvic is near your hip bone. :D

What is the medical term meaning anterior part of the pelvic bone?

The most anterior part of the pelvic bone is the pubic symphisis.

Whats Another name for a Pelvic bone?

hip bone

Hands on hip are on what bone?

The iliac crest of the pelvic bone.

What is the name of the bone between the pelvic bone and the tibia?

The femur

What bone is in your butt?

pelvic girdle

What does the pelvic bone support?


Which type of joint connects your pelvic bone to your femur at the hip?

the ball and socket joint connects the pelvic bone to to your femur at the hip

What is the bone that is located just below the urinary bladder?

pelvic bone

What is the name of your hipbone called?

The hip bone is called innominate bone, pelvic bone or coxal bone.