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Q: Is it safe to bleed for more than 2weeks?
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Is misoprostol a safe medicine?

It's safe as long as you take it under supervision of a doctor. There are risks as with all medicine. This one makes you bleed so if you take more than the doctor ordered you can bleed too much.

Can hymen bleed more than once?

Yes, the hymen can bleed more than once. If the hymen is torn it can bleed, thus if it is torn again it can bleed again.

Do fat men bleed more than usual?


What happens if you have your period for more than a week?

Justt wait till its over. You might have a long peroid because the last one was shorter.if it last more than 2weeks see a doctor.

Is it normal for a tooth extraction to bleed more than three days?


Can the hymen bleed more than once?

Usually the hymen once broken, will make the girl bleed only once.

Can you drink and get a tattoo done?

You can, but you might bleed a bit more than normal.

Do you bleed heavily the first day?

depends on the person, but my wife doesn't bleed any more her first day than her other days.

Is nitrogen safe or hazardous?

It is safe. More than 70% of the atmosphere is nitrogen

How much do staffys bleed in heat?

All dogs are different, but it is usually not more than a few drops a day. Of course, some dogs bleed more heavily than others but this will only last for 10-14 days.

Is it safe if you breathe?

If you dont breathe you will die, so it is more than safe to breathe..

Can a dog in heat bleed longer than 14 days?

They are in heat 21 days and only bleed the last week if you dog is bleeding for more than 4 to 7 days callyour vet please

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