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It is safe, but if you aren't having your period there may be other possiblities. You may need to go see the doctor to get your period going again. And if you didn't have your period this month, you may not ovulate this month.

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Q: Is it safe to conceive in a month that you do not have a period?
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Is it safe to conceive when your child has chickenpox?

IF you have had chickenpox, it is safe to conceive if your other child has chickenpox. If not, you should get chickenpox vaccine and wait a month before trying to conceive again.

When is the best time in the month to conceive?

Right after your period is best.

Can you conceive and have a period the next day?

Normally, no, if you conceive you do not get your period.

After one depo shot how soon is it safe to conceive?

You can conceive any time you like after stopping Depo Provera. No special waiting period is required.

If you are trying to conceive is there a chance you are pregnant if your period was irregular last month and this month and your period is always normal?

It is possible, but probably not very likely. If you are in doubt, you should really take a HPT.

What does it mean when you don't have your period for a month then it comes on the next month?

This may mean that your periods are slightly irregular, which is nothing to worry about unless you are trying to conceive.

Can you conceive 11 days after your period?

Yes you can if you have a short period like 26 days each month you could start OV as early as the 8th day of you period

How can i conceive when i don't get my period every month?

i dont know. look on another website cuz this one is sorta crappy.

What is the time period between each pregnancy?

With horses there must be a 8 month period after giving birth before the mare should be allowed to conceive again.

If the last period started on 28 December and this month on 24 January then which is the safe date to do intercource?

if the last period started on 28 December and this month on 24 January then which is the safe date to do intercource

What if your period is light and a brownish color and it has a lot of small blood clots?

Your period should have blood clots. Every month the uterus prepares itself for pregnancy. If a woman does not conceive, the lining of the uterus comes out (period). It is a cleansing process that happens every month.

What does it mean when you have a normal period in one month then trying to conceive then the next month your period is light pink to pinkish brown to completely brown?

it means your flow is going in a different direction and you shouldn't try to conceive until you had your period and its over for that month and do NOT go swimming while you are on your period it wont attracted sharks but with your problems you will get a UTI because your flow is so different then mine and if doing what i say doesnt help or it gets worst go to a doctor straight away.

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