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Is it safe to eat tuna while pregnant?

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I have heard that eating light tuna is okay.

yes tuna is OK to eat during pregnancy although it does contain Mercury as any fish does...Although it is not recommended to eat more than 6 oz. of canned tuna per week...and a total of 12 ounces of fish per week is the recommended intake some safe fish to eat are bass, catfish, cod, croaker, flounder, freshwater perch, haddock, herring, mackerel, marlin, ocean perch, orange roughy, pacific halibut, pollack, red snapper, salmon, scrod, and can also eat the following as long as they are fully cooked....clams, crab, lobster, oysters, scallops, and shrimp....hope this info helps , Good luck and God Bless!!!

A lot of people don't know this but seafood contains mercury which affects a babies developing brain, I'm sure you heard its good for you while pregnant, but all seafood contains mercury, some more than others. Canned tuna along with Mahi Mahi, fresh water salmon, cod, pollack, blue crab, catfish, lake whitefish, are safe only once a month. Things like tuna steaks, seabass, oysters, marlin, halibut, pike, walleye, white croaker, and largemouth bass, should NEVER be eaten during pregnancy. The safe options as long as you don't overdue it are trout, farmed catfish, shrimp, fish sticks, flounder, saltwater salmon, croaker, and haddock. Please let anyone else who may not know this know.

i serously want to know where you got your info. could you send it to me at i was quality control for a 4 star seafood restaurant for 5 years, it is a well known fact that oysters that are ocean harvested are a serious container of Mercury, farm raised are clean, cod, pollock,haddock, are the same fish in the eyes of the deep fried world, scrod being the exception being that it is young codfish. the info given is odd! salt and Freshwater Fish are named in the same setting, that makes no sence, totally different worlds, not to mention that the average " fish stick" is made of cod, pollock , haddock which is safe and not safe. have you ever heard of anyone eating a largemouth bass? it's a sport fish, tastes like crap, no one eates it! and another thing!!!! mahi mahi open water ocean fish, fresh water salmon,fresh water}cod: salt water}polloc:salt water}blue crab:salt water. catfish:freshwater only.lake whitefish: no ocean lakes to date. long story short:tuna is a very nutritious source of protein, to date there is no tuna farms so it is still a free range fish.

Mercury is a mineral that exists naturally in the environment. In addition, thousands of tons are released into the air each year through pollution and waste. Bacteria and natural processes can transform mercury into the organic mercury compound methylmercury (MeHg), which is a poisonous substance.

Unfortunately, this toxin is in the fish we eat. Methylmercury can accumulate in streams and oceans. It also accumulates in the food chain, as each fish absorbs all the mercury of the smaller fish or organisms it has eaten. That is why the oldest and largest fish, such as shark or swordfish, have the highest levels. Methylmercury levels are higher in people who regularly eat fish.

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Can you eat tuna while your pregnant?

Due to high mercury levels in tuna it is best to limit the amount you eat while pregnant and/or breastfeeding to 8 to 12 oz a week or less.

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It is safe to eat the pearl meat when pregnant.

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It is not safe to eat undercooked or raw meat of any kind while pregnant. you can eat certain types of sushi that are all vegetables or cooked fish not any uncooked or ones that contain high mercury levels. Tuna is a big no-no, cooked or raw it is very high in mercury.

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yes it is healthy when you are pregnant

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Not Albacore! You can have the chunk light tuna in a can. Any special tuna steaks (like yellowtail or bigeye) you should consult your doctor.

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Yes you can eat Tune but you're only allowed to eat 2 tins of Tuna per week I have been told because of the oil inside the tin. I can't go with out Tuna when I found out just 2 per week my heart melted. So yes it is safe and you are allowed it but make sure the MAYO has pasteurised egg always check that firstly.

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