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If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, cruising can make for a safe, relaxing, romantic vacation. With bracing ocean air and countless ship and shore activities to try, your biggest problem may be how to avoid getting worn out by all the excitement. But before booking a ticket, talk to your healthcare provider about whether or not a cruise is a good idea for you. If your pregnancy is complicated by a medical condition, a prior preterm delivery, or twins or higher multiples, your doctor or midwife may recommend against it. When you call cruise lines, ask about their restrictions for pregnant travelers and whether or not a doctor, nurse, or both will be on board. Keep in mind that many smaller ships (under 100 passengers) do not have medical personnel on staff. And don't count on a shipboard pharmacy to stock your medications. Bring a supply to cover the entire trip. Also check your health insurance policy to make sure you'll be covered if you have any complications on board or at any of the ports of call. You can buy additional travel medical coverage from most cruise lines or directly from insurance companies.

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2006-05-10 21:03:47
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Q: Is it safe to go on a cruise while pregnant?
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