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i don't think it would hurt you but its very could easily get skin cancer...u should probably minimize it to every other day

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โˆ™ 2008-02-21 04:16:59
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Q: Is it safe to go tanning in a tanning bed everyday just until i get a good tan then like once a week?
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How do you remove self tanning lotion from sheets?

Just wash it over and over until the lotion has disappeared from the sheet/towel.

Can you use regular tanning lotion in a stand- up tanning booth?

yes, just be sure that it is an indoor tanning lotion

Should you go to a tanning salon?

The tanning bed naturally replicates sunlight so you get the full benefits of natural Vitamin D absorption just by laying in atanning bed instead of heading outdoors

Why is tanning temporary?

Temporary Tanning is a nick name for sunless tanning. Some sunless tanning is done in booths at salons and some is done at home with sunless tanning products. The most popular are by California Tan. There has been a new product just released by Designer Skin called One Night Stand which has rapidly become among the most popular options because it lasts only until you wash it off and it sets in just ten minutes.

Can you shower after tanning?

If you are talking about natural tanning then yep u can but unatural tanning id wait a bit just to make sure

Does ginger spice tanning lotion get you tan by just putting it on?

does ginger spice tanning lotion get you tan by just putting it on?

Does baby oil work just as good as tanning lotion?

yes, but iv heard that it can make you burn easier.

Can you Tanning and just got your tongue pierced?

Yes you can tan, tanning has no effect on your tongue piercing.

Are tanning lotions bad?

No, these are a safer alternative to tanning beds. Lotiens don't cause skin cancer or damage. They work just as well as tanning, you just need to reapply every few days.

Tanning bed and penis'?

i have been tanning naked and nothing happened it just got a little tan lol jst cover it with a towel if it feels like its getting too hot. its all good

Is it good for a boy to release sperm everyday?

its nothing wrong wit it its not good or bad just feels good

Can you go tanning in a tanning bed if you are taking medication?

It would be best if you didn't. Tanning beds are already dangerous, for they are a huge risk of cancer. It really depends on what kind of meds you are taking though. No matter what, it would be best if you just tan out in the good old fashion sun!

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