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Is it safe to participate in sports right after getting a nose piercing?

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Participating in Sports After a Nose PiercingIt depends what type of sport but i would suggest that you do not play Basketball or Netball until you've had your piercing for a couple of weeks-others like running swimming and football ar fine.
2011-09-13 03:09:43
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Tragus piercing swimming?

I have had my Tragus pierced on both ears, and went swimming almost right after getting the piercing. Mine was fine.

What is this white skin on the inside of your cheek piercing?

This is a question that should have been covered by your piercer. It's there responsibility to advise you of what is right and not right for the piercing you are getting. So I would suggest you give them a call and ask them what is up with your piercing.

Can you drink alcohol beverages after monroe piercing?

Yes. It is just not good to drink alcohol right before getting a piercing because it thins your blood. After a piercing, drinking is absolutely fine.

How long after getting a nose piercing should you have to wait to tan?

You can tan right away, just keep tanning lotion and oil away from your new piercing.

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Well if you remove the jewellery right away the piercing will heal up in about three days but won't be comletely heal for a couple of weeks.

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Which ever side you want really. Bangs don't really affect the way it looks. Won't be cluttered or anything. If you plan on getting lip piercing/eyebrow piercing, get it on the opposite side of that.

Which ear is pearced if you are gay?

That doesn't apply any more, with the modern piercing movement everyone regardless of orientation are getting multiple piercing singles doubles, do the whole left right thing is dead and gone.

Does it hurt when they have to re-pierce your lip?

I have personally done this before, i got my right lip piercing re-pierced in the exact same spot and no it doesn't hurt, it feels the same as getting your first lip piercing.

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Piercing pain on the right rear side of my body above the hip?

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The right side piercing is an antiquated custom, but originally only applied to men.

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Go for it.

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To the right

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