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It is safe to perform a laser removal for a tattoo but like many procedures of this nature there are risks. Some of them cause injuries or scaring as it works like a chemical peel and may not work for everyone.

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Q: Is it safe to perform a laser removal to get rid of ones tattoo?
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Are there any do it at home laser hair removal systems?

There is probably no do it at home laser hair removal systems yet. The reason being is that these laser removal procedures are fairly new and they still haven't developed really safe ones yet for regular customers.

Is the use of a hair removal laser painful?

The use of hair removal lasers can be painful. The older lasers are more painful than the newer ones. The pain comes from the heat the laser generates as it removes the hair.

What tattoos do tattoo artists hate?

Bad ones

Does walmart allow employees to have tattoos?

You can maybe get the fake ones at walmart. If you want a real tattoo you have to go to a tattoo shop / tattoo parlour/ tattoo studio and have a consultation with a tattooist about what you want.

How many tattoo's does 50-Cent have?

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Can you legally give your 11 year old child a tattoo?

You have to be 18 for a tattoo. It is illegal to give a tattoo to a child under 18. Under eighteen year-olds can only have 'hena' tattoo's' and the fake ones.

What does a name tattoo symbolize?

Last name tattoo represents honor and respect for ones family. A commitment to do anything for them and a constant reminder of where you came from. Love for ones family and loyalty to them at all costs.

What does the windmill tattoo mean?

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Does laser hair removal work?

Many of the at home laser hair removal systems do work, they just need to be used a LOT over the course of several months in order to see results. Their technology is not nearly as strong as the clinics so they take a lot of time and dedication. Many people try these at-home systems a couple time and give up because they don't see instant results and claim that they don't work. Like regular laser hair removal treatments, several treatments are required in order for it to work because hair is always growing in different cycles so you can imagine how much you'd have to do it with the at-home ones. Just make sure to fully read the instructions so you know how much and how often you need to do it for it to work.

Do laser light shows have light bulbs?

No. They have LASERs. Usually gas ones.

Can you tattoo over a week old tattoo?

I think you can get monthly ones yes Week old no, only after its fully healed, unless your getting more work done to said tattoo.

What kind of procedures do doctors perform?

Medical Ones