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A clean needle isn't a sterile needle and the proper jewelry doens't mean that it's been autcolaved. So no, go to a pro or just wait on it.

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How do you pierce your ear yourself?

use a sterile needle. gloves. and make sure its hygenic!

Can you use the needle twice after piercing your lip?

Yes if you still need the needle to pierce yourself it is cool but not someone else because it is you needle now that it went through your lip.

How do you pierce my ear without a needle?

you can pierce your ear with a needle by burning it and put alcolhol in your ear for 5 to 10 minutes and get the burned needle and stick it in there

How does ear piercing work?

A needle is placed through the ear and then the jewelry is followed. But if it is done in a place like the mall, it will likely be pierced with the jewelry. So, the ear stud will be sharp on the end and then used to pierce through the ear.

Do you have to have a big needle to get a big hole for your Monroe piercing?

Whenever you go in for a Monroe piercing, the piercer will take a needle, usually either a 18-16 gauge, and pierce your lip with that. It doesn't leave a big hole at all. But, if you want to gauge your Monroe, then you could have the piercer pierce with a bigger gauged needle, or just gauge it out yourself.

Do you use an anesthetic needle when you pierce your naval?


How did ancients Romans pierce their ears?

with a needle

What do they use to pierce your belly button?

A Needle.

Can you pierce your lip with a sewing needle?

You can but I suggest boiling it first or using a lighter to get all the germs off- also, you need to remember that a sewing needle is super skinny so unless you can find jewelry that's the same size of a sewing needle I wouldn't do it. I pierced my own lip before but it was with an actual piece of ear jewelry so I knew that it would be the gauge I wanted it to be- plus a sewing needle kind of hurts your finger when you're trying to push it through, so I'd also suggest putting an eraser on the end of it so it doesn't stab your finger. Sure you can if you want to get an infection. Boiling it doesn't do you any good. The water allows more bacteria to collect on the needle. Also, it only sanitizes the needle. Professionals use autoclaves which completely sterilize the needle. The sewing needle is way too small to have a comfortable transition between the needle and the jewelry. Fact of the matter is that you are not trained to pierce yourself. DON'T DO IT. Wearing ear jewelry in a lip piercing is a bad idea. The back of the earring will most likely become embedded in your lip. Save up the money to get it done by a pro. Just because some people are lucky enough to not get infections doesn't mean you'll be just as lucky.

What did people pierce with before the needle?

Sharpened bone

What gauge needle do they pierce your belly with?

14 ga.

What jewelry stores pierce ears?

Claire's does.

Can you get infected if you pierce yourself with the same neadle your friend did?

Yes, you can get infected by using the same needle more than once! ---- You can also contract any disease that your "friend" has by using the same needle. Have you heard of HIV/AIDS?

Do you have to use a hollow tip to pierce your belly button?

Well all tri-beveled piercing needles are hollow. If you are asking more astutely if you can use a sewing You wouldn't be able to slide a 14g piece of jewelry after having pierced it with a more than likely 22 or 16g sewing needle, and then you would have to stretch the fresh piercing (which you don't do). Even if you were to find a needle of the same size as the jewelry, it can be quite tricky to transfer the needle out and the jewelry in when doing this. The hollow piercing needles work quite well for this, in that you can place the end of the jewelry in the divot, thereby making it go through quite easily.

Is it easier to piece your ear when the needle is hot?

You probably shouldn't pierce your ear if you can't spell pierce.

What gauge needle to use for 14g belly ring?

You answered your own question. If the jewelry is 14ga, the needle should be 14ga too. I should say though, you don't want to pierce your bellybutton yourself. Its a surface piercing and if you screw it up and it gets infected, you could be left with serious scarring and/or the infection could spread. It would be a better and safer idea to go a professional to get it done

Can you pierce your belly button with alcohol?

No. You can not pierce it with alcohol. You can use peroxide to clean the needle and the area to get the germs off. Then you pierce it. But I wouldn't pierce it on your own. You can die from doing it wrong. Such as -- Piercing your insides. But be safe when you're doing it. I would hope you have a large curved/straight hallow needle.

Is it better to pierce with a needle or gun?

The Needle. Using The Gun To Pierce Like For Example Your Cartilage In Your Ear, The Cartilage Might Shatter And Youll Feel Tiny Bumps Around Your New Piercing, Thatll Mean You Have Shattered Your Cartilage. So In My Opinion For Choosing What To Pierce With I Would Have To Say A Hollow Piercing Needle :)

What can you use to pierce your own lip?

Piercing yourself is a lot if responsible.I would say maybe using a hollow needle that Is either 14g or 16g. I pierce myself all the time and I would say just be careful and know what your doing.

How do you pierce your belly button without a gun thingy?

Only horribly uneducated people would pierce anything let alone a bellybutton with a piercing gun. Go to a piercer. They will pierce it with a sterile needle. DO NOT try to do it yourself. You will most likely end up with an infection and possibly a huge scar.

How do professionals pierce eyeborws?

They will pierce with a hollow needle and hold the mark with a clamp. The procedure is very straight forward.

Heat the piercing needle before you pierce?

Actually you need to sterilize the needle before you pierce the body. Some people will hold it under a flame or hot water to sterilize it but alcohol is better.

Is it safe to home pierce your nose?

yeah, as long as you sterilize the needle. and you have to use a hollow needle when you pierce cartilage or it wont heal. but you can buy them at a tattoo place or online and you have to be 18 or they wont sell them to you.

How do doctors pierce ears?

Most don't do it with a gun, usually a needle.

What is the name of the object to pierce your ears?

they use a piercing gun or a needle