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If you are already on the pill, stopping them and starting them on a different day to reschedule your period puts you at risk for pregnancy and/or make you have irregular bleeding for a while. If you are just starting the pill, you can start it on the day you start your period or the Sunday immediately following your period (even if you are still bleeding). Sunday startup is popular because it would ensure that you won't have your period on any weekend.

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Q: Is it safe to reschedule your period by changing when you take the pills?
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Are diet pills safe for teenagers?

No, diet pills are not safe for teenagers. The teenage body is still growing and changing and unless directed by a doctor this medication should be avoided by teens.

Can I delay a period on Loestrin 24 Fe for a couple of days for an important event and is it safe?

Yes you can by skipping the sugar pills and sarting the "active pills".

Is it safe to stop birth control when period exist?

You are suppose to be off of the pill while you have your period. The pills you take during your period are only sugar and do nothing.

Is Jillian Micheals diet pills safe?

Yes they are safe i am the creator of these pills and i have tried them my self!If they werent safe i wouldnt be taking them!And there are no sidifacts of these pills

Are these pills safe to give to teenagers?

These pills are safe for not only teenagers, but appropriate for all ages and safe during pregnancy.

Are you safe during your 7 no-pill days?

Technically, those seven hormone free pills are the days you are supposed to be on your period. You skip those, you skip the period. If you finish your period early, yes, you are still safe to have even though you aren't taking an active pill. FYI, all these questions should be in the information packet that was included with the pills.

Are diet pills safe?


Instead of having my period can I go on to the next pack of pills?

YES! the period every 28 days is arbitrary. you may have some breakthrough bleeding when you continuously take the active pills but it is safe to do so and still provides effective birth control.

Are diet pills safe for children?


What are NoDoz pills?

Maximum Strength NoDoz pills are fast acting alertness pills that are as safe as coffee.

If you took all of your pills but after the sugar pill period you forget to take the birth control by 8 hours and have unprotced sex can you get pregnant?

You're probably safe but why do you take the sugar pills? Why don't you just take the proper ones? That way you'll always be safe.

If you are on birth control and you know when you are getting your period how can you change it so you won't be on your period at a certain time?

if you're on the pill, skip the "inactive" pills and start again on a new pill pack instead. the inactive part is what gives you your period. it's safe and everything. Just continue to take your active pills without a break or taking sugar pills and you will stop your period. It won't hurt you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist.

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