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i am not a doctor. but i kno that cymbalta is for depression and it is also an upper in a way. so as long as dosage is not exceeded i think its safe

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What is meant by good exercise habits?

it means that, if you keep yourself to a daily routine and strictly stick to it you are in a good exercise habit, in other words you are building yourself up to good habits and obviously exercise is a great habit to help yourself to get yourself built, trim and fit.good luck (:

How do clean the adhesive off old trim?

You'd have to describe 'old trim' -wood trim for house, autobody trim, auto interior trim - - -

Do hamsters need to get their toenails cut?

A hamster's daily movement around its cage should wear its claws down. There should be no need for a vet to have to trim them.

What are trim 80 tablets for?

Extrapolating from the name, I presume this is an 80mg formulation of a trimethiprim-potentiated sulfa drug. This class of drug consists of antibiotics used to treat routine bacterial infections.

Can you replace the plastic fender trim with chrome or stainless trim on a Chevy Silverado?

yes you can change the trim if you can find the trim you want

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* if it is in the middle you can do tricks

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Yes, you should trim bushes

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u get scirrors and trim them

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You shouldn't trim a cat's claws.

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when do u trim hospice plants