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Anything you take, your child is taking.

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Q: Is it safe to take Zantac while pregnant?
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Is it safe to take zantec 150 when pregnant?

Zantac brand of ranitidine is generally safe for pregnant women. To be totally sure, get your doctor to give you a list of medicines that will be safe for you in particular.

Is it safe to take vocoden ambien Valium at same time?

Can I take Zantac and diazepam while on cipro

Can i take ranitidine safe while pregnant?

can i take ranitidine while pregnant

Is ibuprofen safe while pregnant?

no it is not safe, but you can take tylenol.

Is it safe to take zithromax while pregnant?

yes it is safe to take while pregnant. A doctor would not prescribe it to you if it was to harm your baby. Besides, there are lots of people that have taken zithromax while being pregnant and it was safe for the baby.

Is abilify safe to take during pregnancy?

is abilify safe to take while your pregnant?

Is it safe to take a hot bath while pregnant?


Can you take zantac while taking doxycycline?


Can you take NyQuil while taking Ranitidine?

Yes. Ranitidine (generic Zantac), which is usually prescribed for ulcers and acid refulx, is safe to take with Nyquil.

Is it safe to take zantac with Celexa?

No. It is not safe to take zantac( an acid reducer) with celexa( an antidepressant). These medications have an interation with each other and should not be taken together. Contact your pharmacist or physician to see what alternative medications are available to treat your acid reflux while being on celexa.

Is l-carnitine safe to take while pregnant?


Can you take the sleep aid diphenhydramine while pregnant?

What sleep aid is safe to take while pregnant??

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