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I would suggest you call your local pharmacist to get this answer - they have the most knowledge about interactions between medications and "nutritional supplements."

Also, it is best not to receive answers online to these types of medical questions. There are many contradictory answers online to these types of medical questions, because some websites explain that taking ginkgo biloba with antidepressants will induce serotonin syndrome or seizures, (1) while other websites actually encourage taking ginkgo biloba with antidepressants to reduce the effects of decreased sexual performance that many SSRIs cause.(2)

So it is best to ask a professional.


1(http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/ginkgo-biloba-000247.htm; http://answers.Yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090520190744AAc8jjq)

2. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9611693; http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00034021).

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Is it safe to take lithium and Zoloft together?


Can you take ginkgo with Zoloft?

It is safe to take Ginkgo Biloba with Zoloft. The typical dose of ginkgo is 60 to 120 mg twice a day. The best-studied form of ginkgo is a special extract called EGb761. In the United States, Ginkoba and Ginkgold (Nature's Way) are brands that have been compounded to reflect EGb 761.Some people use Ginkgo Biloba to counter possible sexual side effects, including impotence. In three men and two women treated with Prozac and Zoloft, for depression who experienced sexual dysfunction, addition of Ginkgo Biloba extract (GBE) in the amount of 240 per day effectively reversed the sexual dysfunction. (source: J Sex Educ Ther 1991;17:53-61.)I have personally taken Zoloft and 120 mg of Ginkgold twice a day for over three years now, and have no sexual side effects (or other side effects) from the medication, or the combination of the herb with Zoloft.When taking Ginkgo, there is a small risk of bleeding in the body, and the dosages of other blood-thinning agents being taken may sometimes have to be reduced.

Is it safe to take Cardizem and Zoloft together?

Yes it is safe to take Cardizem(Diltiazem) and Zoloft(sertraline) together. There are no known interactions between the drugs.

Is it safe to take Zoloft while taking Concerta?

I am not a doctor but I'm pretty sure it's safe to take concerta with zoloft. I take both medicines with the highes dosage of each that is available.

Can you take Zoloft with suboxone?

Yes. This is a safe drug combination.

Is mixing Valium and Zoloft safe?

I take Valium three times a day and 200 mg of Zoloft every evening. Prescribed by a doctor, of course.

Can you take Zoloft with Ativan?

can you take ativan with zoloft

Is it safe to take Zoloft and Ambien?

My doc has precribed this to me for 6 months. I still doing well.

Is it safe to take Zoloft and keflex pulvules capsules together?

These two drugs should be safe to take together. To be sure that this is a good combination of medications for you, check with your doctor.

Can you take Zoloft and hydroxyzine together?

can i take zoloft and hydroxyzine together

Can you take seroquel and Zoloft together?

Answer can you take anything with zoloft that is not a antipychitic medication?

Can you take Zoloft and tramadol together?

Can i take zoloft and tramadol together?thanks

Can you take ginkgo leaves?

Yes, as long as the ginkgo tree is not on private property. these leaves can be used to make ginkgo tea, so get as many as you want!

Can you take Lortab when you are on Zoloft?

yes you can take a narcotic / opiate / benzo with zoloft all compatible

Can you take ciprofloxacin and Zoloft together?

can ciprofloxacin and zoloft be taken together

Does zoloft cause sexual disfunction?

No, it doesn't. I take zoloft... it doesn't.

How long does it take for Zoloft to stop workin once you stop taking it?

How long does it take for zoloft to stop working

Can you take Zoloft and flexeril?

Yes. I can take Zoloft as it is a good medicine for depression. Also it helps in cases of ED.

Can you take Zoloft Buspar and Ativan together?

Not sure about Buspar, but you can take Zoloft and Adivant together as long as it is prescribed that way. Usually your Dr will have you on Zoloft daily and Adivant as needed.

Is it safe to take Zoloft while pregnant?

Never take any medicine like that without talking to your doctor first. Only if he find it really necessary will it be discussed.

Is it safe to take zoloft while breast feeding?

I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old child and have started taking 100mg of zoloft daily. It was prescribed by my Internal Med doctor for anxiety and insomnia. She says that it is safe for breastfeeding moms and their babies. Please check with your own doctor first!

Is it safe to take Zoloft and Abilify together?

AnswerYes, as far as we know thus far. They may be a working combination for the treatment of unipolar depression.

Can you take Zoloft with Clenbuterol?

if u want to know if you can takeZoloft with Clenbuterol then go to zoloft.com and clenbuterol on wikipediasrry i can answer :(

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