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No It effects the baby's heart and can cause birth defects.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-26 11:52:46
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Q: Is it safe to take adderall while pregnant?
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Can you take Adderall while pregnant?

Your physician will have to tell you about it, and whether or not it is safe during pregnancy.

Can you keep taking Adderall while trying to get pregnant then stop when you find out you are?

It's not a very safe idea to take Adderall while trying to conceive.

Can i take ranitidine safe while pregnant?

can i take ranitidine while pregnant

Is it safe to take zithromax while pregnant?

yes it is safe to take while pregnant. A doctor would not prescribe it to you if it was to harm your baby. Besides, there are lots of people that have taken zithromax while being pregnant and it was safe for the baby.

Is ibuprofen safe while pregnant?

no it is not safe, but you can take tylenol.

Is it safe to take Nyquil while you are also taking Adderall Klonopin lexapro and percocets?

It is not safe to take NyQuil while also taking Adderall, Klonopin, Lexapro, and Percocet, as it can cause seizures and other serious side effects.

Is abilify safe to take during pregnancy?

is abilify safe to take while your pregnant?

Is it safe to take a hot bath while pregnant?


Can you take the sleep aid diphenhydramine while pregnant?

What sleep aid is safe to take while pregnant??

Is it safe to take Zantac while pregnant?

Anything you take, your child is taking.

Can you take Lortab for pain while pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to take it in pregnancy.

How long after you stop taking milk thistle is it safe to get pregnant?

It is actually safe to take milk thistle while you are pregnant.

Salbutamol guaifenesin it is safe to take while pregnant?

i am 5mnths pregnant is salbutamol/guiafenesin 2mg/100mg is safe for my baby?

It is safe to take provera while im pregnant?

No. Studies have shown that it can cause unwanted problems to your baby if you take provera while you are pregnant.

Is it safe to take adderall with a heart murmur?

Is it safe to take adderrall when you have a heart mumur

Is it safe to take ambian while pregnant?

It is not good to take ambian which is a sleep medication while you are pregnant because it would effect the growth of the baby.

What is safe to take for indgestion while pregnant?

Tums or other antiacid

Is l-carnitine safe to take while pregnant?


Is it safe to take Advil while pregnant?

is it fine to take advil during pregancy?

Can you take Lortab while pregnant?

are lortabs safe 2 take during pregnancy

Can you take pain pills while pregnant?

No. You should not take pain pills when you are pregnant. Paracetamol is generally safe in pregnancy.

Is Robitussin safe to take while you are pregnant?

It usually says on the back if pregnant women can take it or not but Im pretty sure its a no.

Is it safe to take a hot bath while im pregnant?

Yes. You can take hot bath in cold whether. It is safe.

Is it safe to take acid reducers while pregnant?

Yes, It is very safe to take antacids while pregnant. I am 6 months and I live by them! Try the Tums tropical flavors, there like candy and easier to eat!

Is it safe to take adderall and loratadine tablets?