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Is it safe to use an oven that has a dryer plug put on?


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2007-06-05 21:19:35
2007-06-05 21:19:35

It will work if, the dryer plug you are using is the same electrical voltage as the oven. If your oven is electric, it is 220 - 240v, if gas, 110 - 120v. A 220 plug has either 3 or 4 prongs, depending on your appliance being a 3 or 4 wire system. A 4-wire system will have a red wire (110v power), black wire (110v power), white wire (neutral/common), green wire (ground). A 3-wire system will be missing the white or green wire. 110v system (gas oven or dryer) will have a black (power), white (neutral), green (ground). It will work, but be limited. Dryer circuits are 30A, whereas oven circuits are 50A. You cannot just upgrade the dryer wiring to 50A as it is not rated for that and will start a fire. To use the oven properly you need to install a properly rated circuit. Do it right or don't do it at all. Negligence is fatal with electricity.


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