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Q: Is it smart to buy a totaled motorcycle?
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Can a totaled motorcycle be insured again?

yes it is called a salvaged title

What percent does foremost insurance use to determine if a motorcycle is totaled?

70% of the value

When was Paul Smart - motorcycle racer - born?

Paul Smart - motorcycle racer - was born in 1943.

Do you get to keep the car after its been totaled?

Only if you buy it.

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

Can u buy a motorcycle without a license in Florida

Do you need a motorcycle license to buy a motorcycle?

no, but you will not be able to ride it until you get a motorcycle license

Do I have to buy a motorcycle helmet to ride in NC?

Yes, you are required to buy a motorcycle helmet to ride in NC and obtain a motorcycle license. This applies to all motorcycle riders regardless of age or motorcycle power.

CAN you BUY MY Car back after its totaled?

In some cases you can buy your car back from the insurance company or from the scrapyard if the vehicle is totaled. You will need to check your insurance policy to see what type of stance they take on this purchase.

Can you buy a motorcycle with only a motorcycle permit?

you shure can you even register it

Do you need a Motorcycle license to buy a motorcycle in WA?

No, you just need one to ride it. Anyone can buy a motorcycle, even a 100 year old grandma can buy it as a gift for a great grandson.

What makes a motorcycle totaled?

When a vehicle covered by insurance gets wrecked, the insurance company looks at how much it will cost to repair. If repairing the bike costs more than it is worth, then the insurance company declares it totaled and pays for a replacement.

Can you buy a road motorcycle in UK without a license?

You can buy a car or motorcycle without a driving licence in the UK.

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