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Bell Peppers do grow in different sizes.

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Is it true your hamster can eat Bell Peppers give a website too please?

Hamsters can eat Bell Peppers, but not chili peppers, mine like lettuce too.

Is a red pepper a ripe green pepper?

Ripened green peppers can turn red, but true red peppers grow red (not green).

How do you cook gumbo?

The secrets to true gumbo are "the holy trinity' (sauteed onions, carrots, and bell peppers), and adding sliced okra for the traditional mouth-feel.

Gumbo will always contain which ingredient?

OKRA----------No, no no! Many people put okra in their gumbo, but it is definitely not always an ingredient. The only ingredients that are part of any gumbo...or should be if it's true gumbo...are onion, celery, bell peppers and roux.

Is it true when you're going through puberty that the penis is different?

When in Puberty the boys penis will grow longer and thicker.

Do potatoes grow on trees true of false?

it is complety true and scientificly proven that yes potatoes can grow on trees.

How are vascular and non-vascular plants alike and different?

They are alike because, they don't have true roots, steams, and leaf-like structures.They are different because some grow in water, and some grow on land like most plants do.

Why plastic packaging for fresh fruits not advisable?

plastic is not biodegradable and becomes waste when you're donee with it It doesnt allow the fruit to breathe. It makes it spoil at a faster rate. The same is true with getting fruit wet. It allows mold to grow on the fruit. The same is true of leafy greens, peppers and tomatoes.

Is it true that knox gelatin helps hair and nails to grow?

Is it true that knox gelatin helps hair and nails to grow?

Is it true Lisa from saved by the bell died?

Lark Voorhees, who played Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell is still alive.

Is it true that you grow because your cells do?

No, you grow because your cells multiply.

Common plants that are perennial plants?

Examples of Perennial Plants are Red Valerian, Tomato, Sweet Potato and Bell Peppers. Maybe you are wondering why Tomatoes are Perennials. Yes, Tomato are true perennials even though its cultivated as annuals.It is only called as an annual plant because it is an example of a tropical annual plant.But tomato is a true perennial plant.

Is it true all bikes in Kitchener must have a bell?

Yes but it must either be a cow bell or a gong. Anything else is illegal.

Is it true that pee helps your hair grow faster and longer?

No that is not true. What is true is that when you wash your hair it is best to rub your scalp and get the soap in your scalp. That is what makes hair grow faster.

Is Italian dressing a true solution?

No, Italian dressing is not a type of true solution. It is a suspension of oils and vinegars with sugar or cornstarch, and chopped peppers that can easily separate if left out.

Is it true that parallel circuits and series circuits have no similarity?

No. It is true they are not the same, which is completely different than saying they share nothing in common. An apple and an orange are not the same, but they are similar in that they are both fruit, grow on trees, need sunlight to grow, are generally considered good breakfast juices, etc.

If a probability distribution curve is bell-shaped then this is a normal distribution?

True * * * * * No. The Student's t-distribution, for example, is also bell shaped.

Bell-shaped curve used to illustrate data signifies a curve?

It's true: a curve is a curve. Did you really need me to tell you that?

Does the nose continually grow?

I have heard that is true.

How is living and non living different?

non living is dead and living is alive

Is the bell witch haunting true?

well the thing is, that if you believe in Ghosts yes. But if not no

Is sodium chloride used as preservative in pickles?

It is true; it is very frequently used for cabbage, cucumbers, hot peppers etc.

True or false the average human scalp has 100000 hairs?

it take about the gucci girlz to grow and it true

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